The Simpsons

Episode 9.12 : Bart Carny

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

January 11, 1998




Animation, Comedy

Show Period

1989 - now

Production Company

FOX, Gracie Films, Film Roman Productions

Cast and Crew


Mark Kirkland


Matt Groening

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jim Varney


Bart and Homer get jobs working for a carnival. While there, they befriend Cooder and his son Spud. The friendship takes a turn for the worse when Cooder and Spud are forced to move in with the Simpsons. Eventually, Cooder and Spud "steal" the Simpsons' house by locking the family out and not letting them back in. The only way Homer can get the squatters out is to make a bet with them: If he can throw a hula hoop over the chimney, Cooder and Spud have to give him the house back; if he misses, they can keep it. But just before Homer throws the hula hoop, the Simpsons dash into the house and lock the carnies out. Cooder and Spud are once again homeless.

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