The Simpsons

Episode 11.18 : Days of Wine and D'oh'ses

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 09, 2000




Animation, Comedy

Show Period

1989 - now

Production Company

FOX, Gracie Films, Film Roman Productions

Cast and Crew


Neil Affleck


Matt Groening, James L. Brooks

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Karl Wiedergott
  • Marcia Wallace
  • Pamela Hayden


After Homer accidentally sets fire to the backyard, he takes refuge in Moe's, where Barney is busy complaining that his friends missed his birthday. Homer reminds Barney that he threw him a party and shows him a video of the drunken birthday boy to prove it. Barney is so embarrassed he vows to quit drinking and take the helicopter lessons Moe bought him for his birthday. Meanwhile, back at the Simpson house, Bart and Lisa enter a competition to create a new cover for the Springfield phone book. Finding an old camera, they set out to snap the winning photo. But while taking a picture from a scenic outlook, a stray flash bulb creates a brush fire, leaving Bart and Lisa trapped while a fire rages all around them. A newly sober Barney is the only man who can save them.

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