The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Episode 5.10 : Regrets

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Episode Premiere

August 20, 2012


ABC Family



Show Period

2008 - 2013

Production Company

Brendavision!, Prodco, Inc.

Cast and Crew


Gail Bradley


Brenda Hampton, Elaine Arata

Main Cast


Jack becomes a Christian football hero for saving the girl from prostitution, but Jack admits to a reporter that he and Grace have had sex before and the news goes viral. Wendy's dad puts her in an all girls private school. Ben gets a college acceptance letter to Hudson University in New York, but Ben admits he still wants to go wherever Amy goes, he's just waiting his turn to be with her. Kathy thinks it's best to break up with Ethan until the baby comes. Anne and Donovan start to plan Ricky & Amy's wedding, but Anne worries about not having a date. Mimsy has been tweeting and texting everyone that Anne is gay.

Leo and Camille get married and Ben is happy for them, but he doesn't know he's going to have a new sister. Ricky finds Amy's acceptance letter to Hudson College and confides in Clementine. Anne meets Nora's gay AA friend Willowdine. Amy admits to Anne she wish she could move to New York with Ricky and John and go to school there, but she lies to Ricky and says she doesn't want to go. Omar will only move in with Adrian when she agrees to marry him. Mickey the pimp goes to Jack's dorm room with a baseball bat.

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