The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Episode 4.04 : One Foot Out the Door

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Episode Premiere

July 04, 2011


ABC Family



Show Period

2008 - 2013

Production Company

Brendavision!, Prodco, Inc.

Cast and Crew


Gail Bradley


Paul Perlove

Main Cast


Amy convinces Ricky that John is sick so they spend the night at the emergency room. Ricky accidentally calls Amy his "wife". Amy isn't happy when Ricky retracts the "wife" statement, and Ricky finally sees how people treat Amy as a teenage parent. It turns out John is fine, he just says "ow" because his parents keeps fighting. Meanwhile Leo tells Ben he cannot get a divorce, he promised Adrian "for better or worse." Leo knows he must stick it out the same, especially when Betty tells him marrying him was the best decision she ever made. Adrian suspects Ben is unhappy and decides to trick him by asking what he thinks of her moving to NYC for cosmetology school. Ben is overtly happy, he secretly hopes this is the way out of his marriage. Ashley tells George she and Toby are staying in Florida without his grandma. George tells Ashley she has to get a job or come home. Reverend Stone comes back to town, there is a possibility both of Jack's parents will move back. Daniel asks Grace to be his girlfriend. Kathleen and Madison separately think Jack may still have feelings for Grace. Tom isn't having fun now that his girlfriend and her kids are living with him in the guest house. Adrian calls her doctor to see if it's too soon for her to get pregnant again.

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