Pretty Little Liars

Episode 2.22 : Father Knows Best

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Episode Premiere

February 27, 2012


ABC Family



Show Period

2010 - Now

Production Company

Alloy Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television

Cast and Crew


Chad Lowe


Charlie Craig, Bryan M. Holdman

Main Cast


It's the Father/Daughter dance in Rosewood and the girls in Rosewood's relationships with their fathers are far from perfect. After a conversation with Melissa, Spencer is worried that her father had something to do with Ali's disappearance and finds suspicious check stubs in his study that are made out to cash. When she confronts him he reveals that he hired a private investigator to figure out if Melissa had anything to do with Ali's disappearance.Then he realizes his gun is missing and calls the police.

Meanwhile, Byron is trying desperately to reconnect with his daughter who has been resenting him for his behavior post "Ezria" reveal. And Emily and her father try to track down where Maya disappeared to. Later, Mr. Fields tells his daughter he's being deployed to Afghanistan.

And Ashley uses Wilden to try to figure out who has been harassing her daughter. When Hanna finds out, she, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Mona devise a plan to convince Ashley that "A" is actually Aria. Later, Ella and Ashley swap stories -- both intent on protecting their daughters.

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