Person of Interest

Episode 2.12 : Prisoner's Dilemma

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Episode Premiere

January 10, 2013




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2011 - now

Production Company

Bad Robot Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Chris Fisher


Tony F. Devito

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Reese is locked up in Rikers under the order of Agent Donnelly, who is determined to root out the real Man In The Suit from the four suspects captured in episode #210. Donnelly takes advantage of Carter's army interrogation experience and has her grill the four suspects, and she steadily chips away at their false identities--all of them except for Reese. Finch hacks into Carter's earpiece so he can simultaneously hear the questions Donnelly is feeding her and create fake documentation to corroborate the answers Reese gives during his interrogation. Reese also manages to dodge Hersh (episodes 201 - 203), who gets himself arrested at the request of Special Counsel in order to eliminate all of the suspects in holding. When Carter manages to point all of the evidence at another suspect and away from Reese, Donnelly finally relents and allows him to be released. Later, Reese goes to thank Carter, but Donnelly intercepts them and arrests them both. Finch frantically works to find a way to save them, but he gets a new number from the machine that he can't ignore--Agent Donnelly's number. Just as Donnelly is taking Carter and Reese in, their car is blindsided by an SUV driven by Agent Stanton, who calmly executes Donnelly before drugging Reese...

In flashback, we see the beginnings of Reese and Stanton's partnership in various jobs overseas. Stanton appears to relish eliminating their targets, while Reese shows extreme reluctance. Tensions between them reach a boiling point and they begin to fight, but that fight slowly turns passionate...

Meanwhile, Fusco must fill in for Reese and keep a gorgeous Hungarian supermodel safe from Armenian mobsters.

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