Person of Interest

Episode 1.17 : Baby Blue

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

March 08, 2012




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2011 - now

Production Company

Bad Robot Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Patrick Harbinson


Larry Teng

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias / Charlie Burton / Elias
  • Mark Margolis
  • Paul Krisikos


As former crime boss Moretti leaves prison, his prodigal son, Elias sends a team to kidnap him. Fortunately Carter and Reese are there to rescue Moretti and take him to a safe house. Meanwhile, Finch is checking out their next POI, who turns out to be a five-month-old baby named Leila, given up at a safe haven hospital and no clue as to her parents' identities. Finch notices two men clearly coming to take Leila away and he boldly decides to kidnap Leila himself. As Reese and Finch investigate Leila’s identity, they face the toughest challenge of their partnership, taking care of an infant. They track down Leila’s mother, only to discover she was killed in a fire 4 days earlier. They decide to place the Leila in her maternal grandparent's care, but the baby is kidnapped by the same people who killed her mother. When they figure out the birth father's wife is behind it all, they are shocked to learn they have no way of recovering the kidnapped baby. Reese decides More...to ask Elias for help. It's a risky move, and Reese ends up having to trade Moretti's location for the Leila's safety. All ends well for Leila but Carter is furious with Reese and refuses to work with him again.

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