NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode 4.12 : Paper Soldiers

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Episode Premiere

January 15, 2013




Drama, Action, Thriller

Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Terrence O'Hara


Jordana Lewis Jaffe

Main Cast

Additional Cast


The NCIS: LA team investigates a widow's claims that her husband, Lt. Edwin Prieto, was killed under mysterious circumstances in Afghanistan and that the Navy is actively trying to hide something from her. Her fears increase tenfold when a private investigator she hired turns up dead outside the morgue where her husband's body was being examined. Sam and Callen go to investigate, and they're shocked to find that Prieto's body has been harvested for tissues and bones, something his wife swears he would have never agreed with. As the team investigates the case, they discover that one of the morgue workers, Ian Bruckner, had a special arrangement with a nearby funeral home. Bruckner would harvest the tissues and organs and give them to the funeral home director, David Locke, who in turn would sell them on the black market. The LA team conducts and undercover sting operation to take Locke down.

Nate Getz and Coroner Rose Schwartz appear in this episode, with each playing a key role in solving the case.

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