NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode 3.14 : Partners

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Episode Premiere

February 07, 2012




Drama, Action, Thriller

Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Eric Laneuville


Gil Grant, Dave Kalstein

Main Cast

Additional Cast


As Sam and Callen celebrate their fifth anniversary as partners, the NCIS: LA team investigate the hijacking of a diplomatic courier. They quickly learn the package had no value and the DSS supervisor had to be involved. They also figure out that one of the two couriers, Dunross and Clark, had to be working with their supervisor, so Callen and Sam split up the team and start probing them. Eric and Nell trace the hijacking van to a wine distributor's and Kensi and Deeks find the contraband - it's a $100 million worth of ephedrine, the main ingredient in crystal meth. Callen figures out that their efforts are being controlled by Assistant Director Granger, who opened up this case months ago based on an earlier hijacking. Callen and Sam decide to pose as Dunross and Clark to deliver the shipment to the Cartel. The Cartel leader orders Sam (impersonating Clark) to kill Callen (Dunross), thereby confirming Granger's theory that Clark was the guilty courier. However, More...Callen and the team find evidence that proves Dunross was the mastermind of the whole scheme, thereby one-upping Granger.

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