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Episode 16.19 : Positive

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Episode Premiere

April 05, 2006


NBC, Universal Domestic Television, Studios USA Television



Show Period

1990 - 2010

Production Company

Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV, NBC

Cast and Crew


Richard Dobbs


Sonny Postiglione

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jason Antoon
  • Clement Fowler
  • Neil Schwary
  • Michael McCartney
  • William H. Burns
  • Jennifer Van Dyck
  • Portia


BULLETS FLY AND VICTIM DIES WHEN SHOOTER SEEKS REVENGE FOR DEATH OF HIS AIDS-INFECTED BABY SISTER IN CASE RIDDLED WITH COMPLICATED ETHICS -- A deadly shooting in a diner leads Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Green (Jesse L. Martin) to a desperate triggerman who sought revenge for his baby sister who died of AIDS at a children's hospital. Further investigation soon reveals that a brilliant doctor (guest star Vondie Curtis Hall) was using the child as a guinea pig for experimental AIDS drugs. Taking the case to court, A.D.A. Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) finds other youthful victims and must exploit the complicated ethical issues if he is to win a tough murder-one conviction against the passionate physician.

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