Hot in Cleveland

Episode 1.09 : Good Luck Faking the Goiter

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Episode Premiere

August 11, 2010


TV Land



Show Period

2010 - now

Production Company

Hazy Mills Productions

Cast and Crew


Gil Junger


Suzanne Martin

Main Cast

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When Melanie's secretive son Will (Joe Jonas) comes to visit on his way back to college, she invades his privacy and learns a little too much when she discovers that he did not tell her about getting engaged. She uses his cell phone to text his girlfriend by pretending to be Will, resulting in their break up. Meanwhile, when Victoria is nominated for an Emmy, Elka helps her fake a deadly disease to gain sympathy and votes. Victoria, however, learns that faking the disease is not an act at all when members of a charitable organization dedicated to the disease stop by. Joy, believing that she is experiencing a mid-life crisis, tries seeking therapy...by going to different therapists; using this experience she is able to help Will and Melanie reconnect.

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