Hawaii Five-0

Episode 2.02 : Ua Lawe Wale (Taken)

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

September 26, 2011





Show Period

2010 - now

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Duane Clark


Melissa Glenn, Jessica Rieder

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Tom Sizemore
  • Hayley Chase
  • Diedre Kilgore
  • Chris Candella
  • Melissa Puana-Martin


The new Governor assigns a Homeland Security agent, Lori Weston to the Five-0 task force. As a profiler, she brings real skills to the job, but she's also there to make sure McGarrett and the team abides by the new rules (no immunity). McGarrett gets called away from the meeting to go investigate the kidnapping of a 15 year old champion paddleboarder, Jen Hassley. Jen has a heart condition and lost her medication so time is of the essence in finding her. McGarrett tries to sideline Lori by having her babysit the family; however, she ends up finding a key clue to identifying Jen's kidnapper - the identity of a man who has been emailing Jen about meeting her birth mother. Jen's parents were told the birth mother was dead, and when they find the man's apartment, it looks like he's using personal information about a number of girls and could be a pedophile. They track down one potential victim and discover that their alleged pedophile is actually a cult extractor. Our team deduces that Jen is the granddaughter of a local cult leader and he's kidnapped her. With Lori's help, McGarrett rescues Jen. Chin Ho is worried about Kono; HPD IA Lt Fryer has been interrogating her and ultimately decides to have her kicked off the force. Jenna Kaye returns to Washington to follow up on a CIA lead that her fiancé may still be alive.

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