Episode 1.03 : Acafellas

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Episode Premiere

September 16, 2009




Comedy, Musical

Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

Ryan Murphy Productions

Cast and Crew


John Scott


Ryan Murphy

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Will battles with his lack of confidence when Rachel questions his ability to lead the glee club. He forms the Acafellas, an all-male acapella vocal group, as an outlet for his singing talent. Yet Will spends more time building his own confidence than he does with the glee club.

In Will's absence, the glee club decides to hire a well-known choreographer to help coach them to Nationals. Yet his style doesn't quite fit in with New Directions.

With prodding from the Cheerios, Mercedes mistakes the friendliness of her BFF Kurt as something more. She develops a crush on him, but her feelings aren't reciprocated.

When the Acafellas perform for the P.T.A., they get a surprise visit backstage from Josh Groban, who was invited by his biggest fan, Sandy. Yet Groban isn't there as to hire the Acafellas for his tour -- he only wants to warn Sandy to stop stalking him.

Terri helps Will realize that his passion is not performing. He really loves mentoring students.

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Patrick Gallagher
"Glee" Los Angeles Premiere Event - Arrivals
May 11, 2009

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Patrick Gallagher
"Glee" Los Angeles Premiere Event - Arrivals
May 11, 2009