The Game

Episode 7.01-02 : The Jersey Episode

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Episode Premiere

March 04, 2014




Comedy, Sport, Drama

Show Period

2006 - now

Production Company

Happy Camper Productions, Grammnet Production

Cast and Crew


Salim Akil


Kenny Smith

Main Cast


The Game is back! We pick up where season six left off - Malik is no longer able to play, Keira and Blue are still broken up and Jason Pitts is ready to live the retired life. Tasha Mack is convinced she's going through menopause, though Chardonnay suspects it's something else. In part two of the season premiere, Jason confronts the ex-player who provided him with steroids several seasons ago. Keira's drunk antics lead to an argument in a bathroom stall as the actress catches Blue with his pants down (literally). Eventually, the wide receiver tries to do the right thing by being her designated driver but an incident with an officer obfuscates that. Chardonnay convinces Tasha that she may not be experiencing menopause after all. Malik goes to confront Franko but ends up learning a life lesson instead.

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