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Episode 2.13 : The List Episode

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Episode Premiere

March 30, 2008




Comedy, Sport, Drama

Show Period

2006 - now

Production Company

Happy Camper Productions, Grammnet Production

Cast and Crew


Salim Akil


Kenny Smith

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Malik (Hosea Chanchez) asks his publicist to set him up on a date with Serena Williams. Things go well between them until Serena mistreats one of Malik's friends at a party. He considers breaking up with her, but Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) asks Malik to hold off since she is trying to sign Serena as a client.

At Serena's request, Tasha takes her to a Sunbeams meeting, where Serena is rude to everyone, causing Tasha to decide she no longer wants Serena as a client. However, Malik has decided he wants to continue dating Serena.

Malik schools Derwin (Pooch Hall) on the kind of girl he should be dating now that he's a football star.

Meanwhile, Kelly (Brittany Daniel) sets Melanie (Tia Mowry) up on a date with a celebrity.

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