The Game

Episode 2.09 : Turkey Basting Bit**es

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

November 26, 2007




Comedy, Sport, Drama

Show Period

2006 - now

Production Company

Happy Camper Productions, Grammnet Production

Cast and Crew


Salim Akil


Erica D. Montolfo

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Nicole Pulliam
  • Enya Flack


Enjoying his single superstar status, Derwin (Pooch Hall) starts dating a new girl Raquel (guest star Nicole Pulliam). Meanwhile, Melanie (Tia Mowry) takes a new job as a waitress at a coffee shop and must swallow her pride when Derwin and his date walk into the shop and she must wait on them. Later, Melanie gets a visit from Mathis (guest star Enya Flack), a new member of the Sunbeams, who offers Melanie money to get information on the proper way to get pregnant via a turkey-baster. Mathis mentions she needs the instructions for her girlfriend who is trying to nab a football player named Derwin Davis. When Melanie goes to warn Derwin about the "turkey basting hoochie" he is dating, Derwin tells Melanie she is just jealous of his new lifestyle.

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