Curb Your Enthusiasm

Episode 1.02 : Ted and Mary

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Episode Premiere

October 22, 2000





Show Period

2000 - Now

Production Company

HBO Films, Production Partners

Cast and Crew


David Steinberg

Main Cast


Larry and Cheryl's fun-filled double date with Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen ends badly at the bowling alley, when Larry discovers that someone has taken off with his shoes. The next day Mary calls, and a smitten Larry agrees to go shopping with the actress and her mom at Barney's, and even buys the same jacket that Mary is wearing. Neither Ted nor Cheryl seem amused. Believing that Ted and Mary have invited them to see a Paul Simon concert Saturday night, Larry and Cheryl are chagrined when their new friends never call, ruining their night. Larry thinks it's because he gagged after drinking Mary's mother's water by mistake. Meanwhile, Larry retrieves his shoes from the schmuck who pinched them, but gets into a fight with the shoe salesman who ordered him a new pair.

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