Episode 7.02 : Unfriendly Chat

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

October 01, 2010




Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Show Period

2004 - 2013

Production Company

Alliance Atlantis, Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Clayton

Cast and Crew


Eric Laneuville


Trey Callaway

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Ricardo Molina
  • Tanner Maguire
  • Tyler Jacob Moore
  • Escher Holloway
  • Gerald Downey
  • Amra Silajdzic


A young woman is strangled to death while participating in a live, online chat site with Adam. Adam witnesses the murder and Mac and the team try to figure out if what Adam saw was real or a hoax. Jo helps Adam recall details and clues within the unknow victim's apartment since according to the owners of the chat site, the victim could be located anywhere in the world. Items Adam remembers lead to an apartment in Manhattan where the team finds the victim's body. Stolen iPads and a partial palm print in the victim's apartment leads the CSIs to Torrey Powell; a career theif and the victim's boyfriend. Powell admits giving the victim the stolen iPads and the stolen laptop that was taken from her apartment by the killer. Powell stole the laptop from a corrupt employee, Christopher Garcia, who worked at a large financial firm that was under investigation by the FBI. Garcia stole the software for the firm's trading system and stored it on his laptop. When Garcia was about to sell it to a Venezualen contact, Powell stole his laptop. GArcia, being an IT expert, tracked down the laptop, killed the victim and took the laptop back. Unfortunately for Adam, Garcia saw him watching the murder and tracked him down as well. As Garcia attempts to kill the final witness to his crimes, Adam; Mac, Jo and the team race to rescue him.

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