CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Episode 10.01 : Family Affair

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

September 24, 2009




Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Show Period

2000 - now

Production Company

Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Alliance Atlantis, CBS

Cast and Crew


Kenneth Fink


Bradley Thompson, David Weddle

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Larry Sullivan
  • Garret Dillahunt as Luke
  • Brian Tee
  • Morgan Rusler
  • Tahyna Tozzi
  • Michael Bryan French
  • David Sullivan
  • Paula Francis
  • Toni Wynne


CSI's work the case of a young actress who is killed during a horrible traffic collision. Initially, investigators believe the accident is just a drunk driver killing an innocent motorist until it is uncovered that the driver was the victim's stalker leading the team to believe that the stalker deliberately targeted the victim. Following the evidence soon leads them to discover that the drunk driver was not at the wheel during the accident making the CSI's take a new direction to find why someone would setup such an elaborate murder.

Sara returns and offers her help while waiting to get more grant money for her and Grissom's research. Greg, feeling like the low man on the totem pole, is upset when he is sent to what he perceives as a less than desirable homicide scene of a homeless man. Catherine soon gives Nick good news in the way of a promotion.

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