Cold Case

Episode 6.22 : The Long Blue Line

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Episode Premiere

May 03, 2009




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Roxann Dawson


Jennifer Johnson, Greg Plageman

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Maddy Curly
  • Joe Penny
  • Jessica Tuck
  • Michael Ironside
  • Jake McLaughlin
  • Jason Thomas
  • Daniel Baldwin as Moe Kitchener
  • Shay Astar
  • Jesse Plemons as Ryan Stewart
  • Dennis Hill
  • Gary Hudson


­In this first part of a two-part season finale, the discovery of a body in a foot locker in an exhumed grave, opens the 2005 murder case of an 18-year-old woman, Kate Butler, who went missing from a local military academy. Kate and another woman were the first two female cadets in the formerly all-male academy. Most of the cadets, the staff and alumni (including Kate's father), were violently unhappy with the change, giving the detectives a plethora of suspects. The first woman left after a week, and though Kate stuck it out and seemed to excel at everything thrown at her, she was still reviled. In the end, Rush has identified the main suspect as one of Kate's classmates, however, when she drives out to question and arrest him, she's side-swiped off a bridge and her car sinks into the river.­

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