Cold Case

Episode 6.12 : Lotto Fever

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Episode Premiere

January 04, 2009




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

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Cast and Crew


Agnieszka Holland


John Brian King

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Elizabeth Ellis
  • Sylva Kelegian
  • John Bishop
  • Louis Mustillo


The team investigates the 2007 murder of Ed Dubinski, a kind-hearted auto mechanic who's life was changed when he won eight million dollars in the state lottery. He was found robbed and shot to death in an empty lot initially leading investigators to believe it was a robbery gone bad. The killer recently used Ed's ATM card at a local sandwich shop which pushes them to reopen the case. Ed was a hard-working guy that played the lotto every week religiously. When his dream of winning millions finally came true he soon realized that the dream was more of a nightmare. He managed to blow through all the money within six months with the help of a corrupt business manager, a gold digging fiancé and family members that believed Ed owed them more than he was giving. With a cast of suspects, Rush and the team manage to solve the riddle of Ed's ATM pin number which leads them straight to the killer. Ultimately, in this case they find that blood may be thicker than water but not money.

Valens must reexamine his relationship with Frankie as he encounters an obstacle that he doesn't feel they can overcome; her husband.

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