Cold Case

Episode 6.08 : Triple Threat

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Episode Premiere

November 16, 2008




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Kevin Bray


Kathy Ebel

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Ashley Alfonso
  • Brad Rowe
  • Dustin McKamie
  • Nicole Bilderback
  • Jessika Van
  • Page Kennedy
  • Anwar Mitchell
  • Tom Derek
  • Casey Washington
  • Antonio Hudnell
  • Jameson Perry
  • Loriel Hennington
  • Jonathan 'Legacy' Perez
  • Galen Kimberly Hooks
  • Jermaine McGhee


Rush and the team open the 1989 murder of a young Russian opera prodigy who bravely defected with her family just before the Berlin Wall fell. Det. Vera takes a personal interest in the case because he was a brand new patrol officer on duty the night the Nadia Koslov and her family came into the station asking for protection as they defected. Nadia attended Philadelphia's highschool for the performing arts and struggled to connect her training and talent with emotion. The more she connected with her feelings and American friends, the more angry her father became, making him a key suspect. Despite her father's initial disappointment, he didn't kill her and his only regret is not telling Nadia how much he appreciated her new connection to music. Unfortunately, Nadia's success made her the unwitting subject of both artistic and romantic jealousy.

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