Cold Case

Episode 6.01 : Glory Days

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Episode Premiere

September 28, 2008




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Roxann Dawson


Gavin Harris

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Bobby Cannavale as Eddie Saccardo
  • Bobby Aronofsky
  • Grace Bannon
  • B.J. Britt
  • Aurelius DiBarsanti
  • Tim Griffin
  • Arlo Hemphill
  • Aaron Hill
  • Justice Leak
  • Matt Riedy


A former football hero's death is reopened from 1973 when a football fan uncovers new evidence he bought on Ebay which may prove the athlete may have been murdered the night before the big game instead of that morning as originally reported. The perpetrator and weapon were never found and the new evidence of a ticket sign out sheet with our football hero's signature the morning of the game signing out tickets for a mystery person named "R. Borecki" proves he was still alive the morning of the game. As the detectives interview people from the past everyone agrees our hero Moon McShane was a good kid, a great football player and not just some dumb jock. R. Borecki turns out to be McShane's tutor whose mention of McShane popping what he called "vitamin" pills" during their tutoring sessions leads the detectives to believe steroids may have some how contributed to McShane's death. The detectives soon learn McShane's discovery of what was really going on with the "vitamin" program on the team gave everyone surrounding McShane including his best friend, his coach and his tutor motive to want to kill him. But it was the team's biggest booster Steve Pratt who had the most to lose when the McShane disillusioned and betrayed by a man he considered a father figure and his inability to forgive Pratt for the part he played in the steroids cover up, threatens to leave the team unless things changed. Pratt unwilling to let go of the boy he always considered like a son and afraid of being exposed in the cover up kills McShane with one blow to the head. Also, Rush runs into Det. Saccardo (Bobby Cannavale), and begins a relationship with him.

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