Cold Case

Episode 5.07 : World's End

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Episode Premiere

November 04, 2007




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

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Cast and Crew


Roxann Dawson


Gavin Harris

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Ari Zagaris
  • Len Lesser
  • James Sharpe
  • Brian F. Durkin


Back in 1938 on the night of Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds," a young wife and mother, Audrey Metz, vanished as her husband and son fled the neighborhood to escape the invading "Martians." After decades of wild speculation on the nature of Audrey's disappearance, her body is found at the bottom of a well. Her son explains that money was tight back then with his dad out of work, and soon a friend of Audrey's relates that she was a "taxi dancer" to make money to feed her son.

At the dance hall, Audrey became close to a wealthy widower, Will Page, but they never danced. He bought her dance tickets, and they talked about their lives each evening. But Audrey's husband Felton found out she was dancing for money, and he was infuriated. But they came to an understanding, and Audrey continued to dance. Things changed for Audrey and Will when Audrey found out Will's wife was still alive. He tried to get Audrey to run away with him, and she refused. But the night of "War of the Worlds," Audrey wanted to spend her last moments with Will. She found him at the dance hall and they had their last dance. When Audrey went home that night, she confessed about Will to Felton. Though Audrey was going to stay because of their son, Felton flew into a rage and strangled her. Though now an old man with Alzheimer's disease, Felton is arrested.

Meanwhile, Vera has an epiphany spurred on by Audrey and Will's romance. He finds Toni at her hospital and tries to woo her back. Though she hesitates, later she finds Vera at the station and brings a Sinatra CD with her. They're on.

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