Cold Case

Episode 5.01 : Thrill Kill

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Episode Premiere

September 23, 2007




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Alex Zakrzewski


Veena Cabreros Sud

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Keaton Tyndall
  • Adria Tennor
  • Zylan Brooks
  • Hamilton Mitchell
  • Courtenay Taylor


Weeks have passed since Lilly was shot by Ed Marteson, and she has fortunately recovered and returned to work. But memories of the shooting plague her, coloring the way she does her job. Stillman insists she visit a counselor; it's mandatory for her to attend sessions to stay on the force. However, she instead focuses her attention on her latest case. It involves a woman who recently discovered a letter in the prison cell of her son, who had been incarcerated for 13 years for the murder of three boys. Her son committed suicide in prison. After reading the letter left behind, possibly written by the real killer, the mother believes her son and his jailed accomplice are innocent of the crime. Lilly has to fight to continue following the case, and though at one point she believes her instincts were wrong, she uncovers the truth. The father of one of the dead boys is the true killer, and he murdered the three boys in a fit of rage brought on by traumatic memories of childhood. In the end, the guilt-ridden father is taken away to serve time for the murders, and the unjustly jailed inmate is freed from prison.

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