Boston Legal

Episode 2.06 : Witches of Mass Destruction

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

November 01, 2005




Drama, Comedy, Crime

Show Period

2004 - 2008

Production Company

Fox TV, Dick Clark, David E. Kelley Prod.

Cast and Crew


James Bagdonas


Lawrence Broch, Andrew Kreisberg, Michael Reisz

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Johnny Sneed
  • Jayne Taini
  • David Lee Russek
  • Derrex Brady
  • Zach Grenier
  • Andy Umberger


Shirley Schmidt and Denise Bauer represent two groups of parents, one Christian and the other Wiccan -- a pagan religion -- who are suing to get rid of a school's Halloween pageant for its wicked witch. The Christians feel their faith is being marginalized by a satanic symbol, and the Wiccans claim that Halloween images stereotype them - especially after the school's principal gives a riveting demonstration of her cackling, green witch. Meanwhile, Garrett Wells takes Cassie (Tamara Feldman), the paralegal with whom he's involved, to see Alan Shore and ask him to represent her in suing the U.S. government, to vindicate the death of her brother, killed in the Iraq war. Shore takes on the unconventional case, but his friendship with Denny Crane is threatened since Crane strongly feels that one shouldn't criticize the military while the country is at war. The strained friendship threatens the annual office Halloween party, where they both were to dress up as giant flamingoes.

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