Eli Stone (2008-2009)

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Berlanti Television, Touchstone Television



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Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller, The Flying Scotsman) has built a successful career at a top San Francisco law firm in representing the biggest and richest corporations where "screwing over the little guy" is common practice. After experiencing a series of odd hallucinations, including a crooning vision of George Michael, Eli turns to his neurologist brother, Nathan (Matt Letsher, The New Adventures of Old Christine), only to be told there is nothing wrong with him. As the visions persist, he's anxious to find the cause of his delirium and seeks the help of Dr. Chen (James Saito, I Think I Love My Wife), a Chinese acupuncturist who specializes in holistic medicine. Though skeptical of his practice, Eli finds Dr. Chen can help him recall important memories from his past.

" With his father's words in mind, Eli redefines his outlook on life and his intent as a lawyer, beginning with a case in which he represents an old acquaintance against one of his firm's most important clients. Despite opposition from his imposing boss and future father-in-law, Jordan Wethersby (Victor Garber, Alias), and fianc���©e Taylor (Natasha Henstride, Commander in Chief), he chooses to stay the course.

Eli's resolve will be further tested by his colleagues, who include his sassy assistant, Patti (Loretta Devine, Crash), and fellow counsel Matt Dowd (Sam Jaeger, Catch and Release), an ambitious, competitive shark who exemplifies everything Jordan would like Eli to be. He'll also be challenged by Maggie Dekker (Julie Gonzalo, Veronica Mars), an inexperienced, junior associate who questions his commitment to change.

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