Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Never Quit Smoking Marijuana

July 07, 2010 06:53:35 GMT

The '500 Days of Summer' actor admits he enjoys smoking weed once a month and doubts that he will ever be able to kick the habit for good.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt likes to indulge in his love of marijuana once a month, confessing he will always be a "pothead" despite curbing his drug use during high school. The "500 Days of Summer" star, 29, admits he was a regular smoker in his youth but decided to ween himself off weed by limiting his pot intake and enhancing his rare drug highs.

He tells Details magazine, "When I was in high school, I loved smoking weed. I loved it. But I cut myself to once a month. That was my rule. And so as the first of the month came closer, my friends would be like, 'All right, what's the plan this weekend?' And actually it's really cool - when you do it that infrequently, you can really trip."

Gordon-Levitt reveals he continues to enjoy a joint on the odd occasion and doubts he will ever be able to kick the habit for good. He says, "In hindsight, could I have smoked weed on the weekends? Yeah. But it was cool to do it once a month. I still do that sometimes - I go on little weedfests. I'm a pothead. That's my drug of choice."


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posted by jenna1234 on Jan 09, 2013
I agree with lavenderlaughter
posted by msRaisin on Oct 26, 2010
I found this pretty inspiring, once a month def make things more special
posted by DJvrazel on Oct 06, 2010
Well anyone who was in the Movie "Brick" I thought would smoke. That is awesome, so Joseph, what are the plans this weekend. " " (||)
posted by LavenderLaughter on Sep 01, 2010
He's hot, speaks French, partakes of the green in moderation, what more could a gal want?? I've been smitten with him since "3rd Rock From the Sun." Love ya JGL!!
posted by Aquarius on Aug 30, 2010
i love him even more now :)) i mean, come on. who doesn't enjoy a nice pinner every once in awhile ;)
posted by Dion Jones on Aug 13, 2010
God's medicine
posted by Weed Man on Aug 13, 2010
Weed owns. Dude is cool for saying he burns healing herbs, no shit.

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