Mo'Nique Offers Support for Sandra Bullock

Mo'Nique Offers Support for Sandra Bullock

Concerned with a cheating scandal which hits Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Mo'Nique says she will always be there for the Oscar winning actress, saying 'my prayers are with you.'

"Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire" star Mo'Nique has offered fellow Oscar winner Sandra Bullock her support as the actress battles to save her marriage following an alleged cheating scandal. "The Blind Side" star has walked out on husband Jesse James following a tabloid expose about his reported relationship with a tattoo model and porn star and Mo'Nique insists she's there for Bullock if she ever needs to talk to someone who has no links to her marriage.

In an appeal to Bullock, who befriended Mo'Nique on the recent awards season circuit, via U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, the "Precious" star says, "To my sweet sister Sandra, my prayers are with you. My prayers are also with your husband, baby. That is between the two of you and I hope ya'll make it work."

"Sandra, if you need me sugar, call me baby." She adds, "It's hard but that's their business. Let them go through their situation. I don't wish her nothing but happiness, along with her husband... I don't want to see any marriages dissolve or break up."



    Mar 25, 2010

    It's not about hurting Sandra or any other person. It's about Jesse himself and his narcissism and ego. He did it because he thought he could. He deserved it, was entitled to do it because he is a man and that's what men do ... or so he thinks. Once a cheater always a cheater. If a person shows you who he/she is the first time, believe it. Then decide whether you can live with it or not or move on.

    Mae S.A
    Mar 25, 2010

    Aaaauw.. how very sweet Monique! True, that sh%@ is between them, all u can do is support yr friend Sandra. Man how cld that skunk hurt such a sweet lady.. (sigh).

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