Michael Jackson's Ambulance Report Reveals Murray Misled Medics

March 22, 2010 03:53:19 GMT

As Michael Jackson's physician Dr. Conrad Murray is set to back in court on April 5, an official ambulance report has been leaked, revealing that Murray failed to inform medics about the Propofol use.

Michael Jackson
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The official ambulance report concerning Michael Jackson's death allegedly confirms rumors Dr. Conrad Murray misled medics at the scene. Murray pleaded not guilty to a count of involuntary manslaughter in Los Angeles on February 8. He stands accused of administering the powerful anesthetic Propofol which killed the King of Pop in June 2009, and is due to back in court on April 5, when a date for a pre-trial hearing will be set.

Editors at Britain's News of the World newspaper have obtained documents from the paramedics who treated Jackson on the day of his death - and the information could prove vital for the prosecution team. The papers appear to show Murray failed to inform medics he had given the singer a dose of Propofol prior to his death, telling them he had only administered the sedative Lorazepam and fluids to rehydrate Jackson.

A source close to the Jackson family says, "This is the clearest suggestion yet that Murray misled the paramedics. Why didn't he tell them about the Propofol? We are sick at what this report indicates."


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posted by JVM Fan on Mar 23, 2010
Jane Velez-Mitchell will be talking about Michael Jackson and drugs tonight on her show "Issues." She also knows all about addiction because she is a recovering alcoholic.
posted by Jacqueline on Mar 22, 2010
It's a dying shame when an addict is unable to relinquish their own demons, and then be succumbed to the mercy of individuals, who take advantage of their vulnerabilities, to line their own pockets. I am very sorry for Michaels' death and the misfortune of losing one of the most talented artists in the music business. God rest his soul.
posted by patricia on Mar 22, 2010
Michael Jackson is like a family member who passed suddenly at the hands of a misguided greedy individual who suppose to save a life and didn't give a damn. I and others still have grieving hearts over Michael Jackson."Doctor Murray you did this world of music a disservice. You will get your justice in court and before God Almighty.
posted by Veronica on Mar 22, 2010
He could never trust anyone completely. Despite everything he had to endure, he always kept smiling. And he stayed humble and greatful. I love him so much. The world seems so empty w/o him.
posted by rietha smith from bo on Mar 22, 2010
i hope the doctor pays dearly for michaels death hes suppose to save lives not take them he should be punished to fullest extent of the law even prison isnt good enough for him i cried over michaels death and miss him very much and love him with all my heart and i loved his music and videos to he was a awesome performer i wish he was still here hes missed so much people needs to let him go and let him rest in peace he deserves that ill see him again when i get to heaven some day rest in peace michael we love and miss you very much my prayers goes out to his kids and family please dont let this doctor get away with this ...... rietha smith of booneville miss heres hugs and kisses for you michael xoxxxo
posted by Michael Jackson Numb on Mar 22, 2010
Poor Michael I'm sure our God will give you justice and revenge on your killers all of them plus the haters RIP Michael we love you very much
posted by shizzie on Mar 22, 2010
sorry for jackson;s death
posted by Bella on Mar 22, 2010
Oh come on!! This "leak" is so ridiculous. Folks want the truth, not so called "sources say" and "leaks". Murray did not act alone and I cannot believe so many think so! Open your eyes and quit thinking the media has all the answers, they don't. Michael we love you and miss you!!!
posted by kpsd23 on Mar 22, 2010
Jackson begged for the drug...constantly. I love Michael the artist and humanitarian....but he had a true drug problem. Murray is at fault for his willingness to comply with an addict..he did it for the large amount of money that was mad available to him. The blame should not be just on Murray, Jackson was smart, he knew the risks of these drugs...

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