Randy Travis' Mugshot Reveals His Bruised Face After Drunk-Driving Arrest

August 09, 2012 06:51:31 GMT

Randy is spotted wearing scrubs and a baseball cap but no shoes on after spending a night in Sherman jail following his driving while intoxicated.

Randy Travis' Mugshot Reveals His Bruised Face After Drunk-Driving Arrest
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Randy Travis' bruised face after his arrest on Tuesday, August 7 night was captured in a mugshot. He was found drunk and buck naked by cops in a single accident in North Texas. He reportedly was given a paper suit for his mugshot.

Randy crashed his 1998 Pontiac Trans Am into several barricades in a construction zone. He showed several signs of intoxication but refused to take sobriety tests. While being transported, he allegedly "made threats to shoot and kill the troopers working the case."

Randy was charged with DWI and retaliation. The 53-year-old country music singer was released on $21,500 bond from a jail in Sherman the next morning. He was spotted barefooted, wearing scrubs and a University of Texas baseball cap.

In a video capturing his arrest, one of the cops on the scene said, "You're going to jail for public intoxication." Randy replied, "Really? Are you kidding me?" The cop responded, "No sir, not going to kid you." The other officer added that they were "completely honest."

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posted by ERRNCAM on Aug 09, 2012
If this video is the same arrest, he's fully clothed with tennis shoes on and I see no sign of resisting arrest.
posted by ERRNCAM on Aug 09, 2012
Who in the world would "like" this? It breaks my heart.
posted by fay on Aug 09, 2012
I feel the cops were right to arest him, he could have killed some one or even him self I hope he works things out and gets his life back on track DUI is not a joke
posted by Tom C on Aug 09, 2012
We all screw up, he's no different. Good luck Randy,and get some help.
posted by rocksweeti on Aug 09, 2012 says charged with DWI and Retaliation, not just PI.
posted by Bonkers Zamboni on Aug 09, 2012
What about a DUI charge? Of course he only gets PI for being a drunk dumb A**
posted by wired on Aug 09, 2012
bless his heart

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