Videos: One Direction's Performance and Skit on 'SNL'

April 08, 2012 18:31:11 GMT

The British boys transformed into Spanish kids as Sofia Vergara's children on 'The Manuel Ortiz Show'.

One Direction
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One Direction performed smoothly to two of their hit songs during the "Saturday Night Live" gig over the weekend. The British boyband attempted to charm their American audience as well by showing their acting chops on "The Manuel Ortiz Show" skit.

Sofia Vergara who hosted the April 7 episode introduced the band to a roar from the audience. The five-piece worked the stage well with their choreography during the performance of "What Makes You Beautiful". They returned later for "One Thing" that arguably gives more spotlight to Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Zayn Malik playfully poked his finger on Harry Styles' cheek while Styles was singing his bit.

As part of the show's regular skit, the fivesome dressed up as the Spanish children of Vergara with the help of wigs and mustaches. They become part of a dysfunctional family, finding out that their grandmother is incarcerated and has been sleeping with their father. "Children, children! Your father is sleeping with your grandmother!" Vergara's Yolanda cried. The kids screamed, "Gross!" in unison.

And like all the guests on Ortiz's show, One Direction had to do the skit's signature dance.


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posted by Elvis Presley on Jul 27, 2012
posted by Harry Styles on Jun 11, 2012
Thank You guys :)
posted by LOvely on Apr 09, 2012
Niall and harry are too cute!
posted by bradfordboiiireppin\ on Apr 08, 2012
ONE DIRECTION=LOVE. Carlito, Pepito, Martito, Miguelito, and Dick for life!:D xx
posted by gabriella malik <3 on Apr 08, 2012
hahahahaha they're too adorable!!!!
posted by One_Directionnn on Apr 08, 2012

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