Dianna Agron Reunites With Sebastian Stan in New York

December 30, 2011 08:49:18 GMT

Words on the street are, the 'Glee' beauty and the 'Gossip Girl' hunk had a drink together with friends at the Standard Hotel on Wednesday, December 28.

Dianna Agron Reunites With Sebastian Stan in New York
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Dianna Agron and ex-boyfriend Sebastian Stan have sparked speculation that they might be giving their relationship another shot. According to New York Post's Page Six, the Quinn Fabray of "Glee" and the Carter Baizen of "Gossip Girl" got together recently in New York City.

The 25-year-old actress, who was in town with her mother for the holidays, reunited with the 28-year-old actor on Wednesday, December 28 as they hung out with friends at the Standard Hotel. Of the outing, one eyewitness said, "They seemed to be sharing an 'I'm glad we had a chance together' drink."

Dianna began dating Sebastian back in May, just months after she split from her "I Am Number Four" co-star Alex Pettyfer. Their romance went kaput after seven months and jealousy on her part was blamed for the separation. A source told Us Weekly, "She was always worried that he was cheating on her while he was away filming. But he never would!"

With Dianna living in Los Angeles and Sebastian in New York, the long distance between the two was also said to be a contributing factor. A Page Six's source simply said, "Long distance wasn't working," but was quick to add, "Dianna's coming to New York for Christmas with her mom, so they might rekindle the flame."


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posted by LadyDi on Jan 01, 2012
This is a journalism FAILURE
posted by JR on Dec 30, 2011
Ohhh pleaseeeeeeeeee don't make me laugh!!! Actually, please do it!! LOL... I really don't want Sebastian PR, and on Christmas Eve we already know where she was, so, no, it's not cool to lie PR Team!!!
posted by youareidiots on Dec 30, 2011
The 28th, while Dianna was in Spain? Oh okay. Thanks for the laugh.
posted by MarriedtoAgron on Dec 30, 2011
Laughable.. Someone buy sebastian Stan PR team a calendar.
posted by Sheyrl on Dec 30, 2011
Actually, it's true. They only mixed up the dates. It was on Christmas Eve, not the 28th.
posted by arthur on Dec 30, 2011
Dianna isn't in New York any more, she's in europe
posted by pubatz on Dec 30, 2011
Dianna is in Spain this week.
posted by Foggy on Dec 30, 2011
Impossible! Dianna flew to Europe on Monday and was photographed with friends in Barcelona the day your spy allegedly saw her with Sebastian in New York. Perhaps it was a look-alike or your spy needs glasses...
posted by LadySuper on Dec 30, 2011
Terible artic, to invent history is ugly... be more resposeble and truly work with honesty. bye

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