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'Glee' Season 6: New Cast and Their Roles Revealed

December 29, 2014 08:12:43

Meet the new faces of "" season 6. After new major characters in the new and final installment of the FOX series were revealed in August, TVLine has learnt which actors land the said roles.

According to the site, Noah Guthrie will play Roderick, "a true goober" with a voice like whose chubby and shy personality don't match with his talent. The 20-year-old singer/songwriter from South Carolina performed 's "Problem" on "" season 17 and has covered a bunch of hit songs on YouTube videos.


'Glee' New Season 6 Promo: Rachel and Kurt Introduce the New Glee Club

December 20, 2014 09:12:08

"The GLEE-bye begins" in a new promo for the upcoming sixth season of "". Still featuring Rachel singing "Let It Go" from "", the video shares more new scenes including the one which sees Rachel and Kurt introducing two members of the new glee club.

There's also a glimpse of Santana, Brittany and Quinn performing together onstage. Rachel joins Blaine to visit Dalton Academy and the two sing with the Warblers, and Becky throws slushies in Rachel's face. Puck and Mercedes also return for the "final act."


'Glee' First Season 6 Promo: Rachel and Kurt to Bring Back the Glee Club

December 17, 2014 10:12:11

FOX has released the first promo for the final season of "". It sees most of the original cast members returning to McKinley High as Rachel and Kurt are determined to bring back the glee club. "You two have just entered the Thunderdome. You will beg for death," Sue warns them.

There's also a glimpse of Rachel belting out "Let It Go" from the hit Disney animated movie "", Blaine in his Dalton Academy uniform performing with the Warblers, as well as Santana and Brittany donning their cheerleading uniforms on the field.


FOX Sets Midseason Premiere Dates for 'Glee' Final Season, 'The Following' and More

November 21, 2014 11:11:01

FOX has announced premiere dates for its midseason schedule, revealing the return dates of "", "" and "" among others. The musical comedy series is moved to Fridays in its final season, which will kick off January 9 with a two-hour season opener at 8 P.M. It will begin airing in its regular Friday, 9 P.M. slot on January 16.

Also returning in the first month of 2015 is "", which will air its third season starting Tuesday, January 6 at 8 P.M. New crime procedural "" starring will debut Thursday, January 22 at 9 P.M.


'Glee' Sued Over Alleged Negligance

September 29, 2014 03:09:21

The latest Christmas episode of "" didn't spread happiness, at least according to a woman who is suing the show. Yolanda Rosario claims she tripped over some cables and fell at the Burbank Town Center mall last November when the FOX series filmed the episode titled "Previously Unaired Christmas".

A 20th Century Fox crew was allegedly preparing the set, which required stretching electrical cables over a walkway open to civilian mall goers, when the accident happened. Rosario says she broke her arm and a rib in the incident.


'Glee': Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris Back in Cheerios Uniforms

September 24, 2014 09:09:33

Quinn, Santana and Brittany are back on McKinley High School. On Monday afternoon, September 23, , and who play the Unholy Trinity were spotted on the set in Los Angeles filming their scenes for the sixth and final season of "".

They were wearing red cheerleading uniforms with the words "Cheerio Alum" written on the back. The three showed some energetic dance moves on a football field with a marching band nearby.


First Look at 'Glee' Final Season: Heather Morris' Brittany Returns

September 11, 2014 11:09:09

"" isn't returning until 2015 but an early look at the new season has made its out online in form of an on-set photo. Offering a glimpse at the sixth and final season is lead star , who tweeted a picture of her and returning co-star . "Love being on set with this lady! Welcome to twitter," she captioned the image of her character Rachel and Morris' Brittany reading the same book.

Morris herself shared a selfie with another co-star, . "Love this picture and this boy :) happy to be back," she wrote in caption of the picture. McHale is among the main cast in the next installment of the musical series.


Rachel Berry to Resurrect the Glee Club in Final Season

August 28, 2014 09:08:51

Creator Ryan Murphy once said that "" would be "getting back to its roots" in its final season. Now, details about the swan song, including which stars are included in the main cast, are revealed by FOX.

According to the network, , , , , , , , and are the main cast. While it appears that Riley's Mercedes will have a bigger role after she only appeared in several episodes last season, who is one of the show's original actors is missing from the list.


'Glee' Brings Back Max Adler to Romance Blaine

August 22, 2014 01:08:14

Max Adler will pay a visit to "" before the show wraps up. The actor has booked a major arc in the upcoming season 6 and appear in at least four of the final 13 episodes. He will reprise his role as former bully turned openly gay Dave Karofsky, who "may now be romantically entangled with Blaine," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This is surprising since Blaine () and Kurt () were on good terms and engaged when fans last saw them at the end of season 5. Moreover, Dave who attempted suicide in season following his struggle with his sexual orientation was having a crush on Kurt.


New Major Characters for 'Glee' Season 6 Revealed

August 07, 2014 03:08:09

There will be at least five new faces when "" returns with its sixth and final season next year. According to TVLine, the show is adding five new major characters, who are all sophomore students at McKinley High.

One of them is Roderick, "a true goober" with a voice like . Chubby and shy, his looks don't match with his talent. There's also a gay "football stud" named Spencer. The casting notice explains that "he's post-Glee gay - no one messes with him about his sexuality because he will kick their asses if they do."


'Glee' Ordered to Change Its Name in the U.K.

July 19, 2014 11:07:04

"" may be renamed in the U.K. Britain's High Court ruled on Friday, July 18 that the musical drama comedy must change its name because it breaches the trademark of a chain of comedy clubs, The Glee Club.

Judge Roger Wyland ruled in favor of Comic Enterprises, which runs the comedy venues, in February, saying that there was a "likelihood of confusion" between the two brands. Twentieth Century Fox said it would appeal, claiming that renaming would be unnecessary, unfair and disproportionate.


Naya Rivera Returning for 'Glee' Final Season as Recurring Guest Star

July 08, 2014 09:07:28

is back for the final season of "", but there's a twist. After missing in the season 5 finale of the musical drama series, the Santana depicter will return in a smaller capacity as a recurring guest star.

TVLine reports that it's the actress' own request to be downgraded from a series regular. A representative for Rivera could not be reached, while a "Glee" spokesperson refused to comment on the news.


Chris Colfer Denies 'Glee' Departure, Says His Twitter Was Hacked

July 04, 2014 03:07:02

is not leaving "" despite rumors to the contrary. The Kurt Hummel depicter caused a buzz on Thursday, June 3 when his Twitter was suddenly updated with a shocking message which said he was fired from the FOX popular series.

"Due to personal issues, I have been let go from the cast of GLEE. Explanations will come shortly...," the cryptic tweet read. His representative quickly clarified, "It's not true. His Twitter account has been hacked. He will indeed be back for the final season."


Ryan Murphy: 'Glee' Final Season Goes Old School

June 21, 2014 08:06:36

"" aims to end the series on a high note as the producers mull plans for its final season which airs in spring 2015. Instead of bringing something new, the sixth season is going to make a full circle.

After accepting Louis XIII Genius Award at Critics Choice Television Awards on Thursday, June 19, series co-creator Ryan Murphy told TV Line that the show would be going back to its original concept. "We're working on the last season now, and it really feels like it's getting back to its roots, which I love," he said.


Lea Michele Addresses Rumors of 'Glee' On-Set Feud With Naya Rivera

May 17, 2014 01:05:39

has spoken up on rumors that there was a rift between her and "" co-star . The actress talked about the issue during an appearance on "" Friday, May 16.

"It's really unbelievable the amount of the things that can just be completely made up," she told host , denying the alleged on-set drama. "I think the way people like to pit women against each other ... it's really annoying, and it's really sad," she said, calling the rumors "really frustrating."


'Glee' Season 5 Finale Preview: Possible Break-Up and Unlikely Hook-Up

May 07, 2014 03:05:05

Living in the same city doesn't help much for Kurt and Blaine's relationship. The couple continues to fight in the season 5 finale of "" with a preview video showing Kurt angry that Kurt lied to him.

Brittany returns and visits her friends in New York. While the McKinley High alumnae enjoy their reunion, her arrival may lead to a new problem for Kurt and Blaine as Brittany is seen sharing a bed with Blaine. However, some say the scene is part of a dream sequence.


FOX: Naya Rivera Remains Under Contract to 'Glee'

May 05, 2014 12:05:33

FOX Television breaks their silence regarding rumors suggesting that was let go from "". A representative for the network says as quoted by The Associated Press, "There is no truth to the rumor Naya has been fired from the show. She remains under contract to 'Glee'."

Rumor that Rivera was fired from the show came on heels of another report suggesting that there was a clash between the Santana depicter and who plays Rachel. Rivera's trailer reportedly had "already been completely emptied" and "her pass to get on the Paramount lot revoked."


Naya Rivera Not Fired From 'Glee', but Written Out of Season Finale

April 30, 2014 08:04:17

is not fired from "" yet. The actress, who has joined the musical drama series since the first season, was earlier reported being let go following rumors of a tension on the set, but her representative says in a statement, "Any reports or rumors circulating that Naya Rivera was let go or fired from Glee are absolutely untrue. End of story."

The rep, however, does not address report saying that Rivera is written out of the season 5 finale. She was initially set to be part of the May 13 episode, but her character Santana Lopez has been written out of the script following a disagreement with producers on April 15 and somehow "was caught in the crossfire between showrunners, and Naya."


'Glee' 5.18 Preview: Darren Criss Duets With Shirley MacLaine

April 23, 2014 11:04:16

"" is set to welcome award-winning actress in next week's outing. Her appearance is previewed in a newly-released sneak peek for the said episode, teasing her duet with ' Blaine.

On the musical drama series, the "" actress portrays a New York socialite intent on turning Blaine into a superstar. "You are unstoppable," she gushes over Blaine during a lunch while Kurt, who is originally asked to perform for the wealthy socialite, is nowhere to be seen in the fancy restaurant.


'Glee' 5.17 Preview: Will and Sue Return for Rachel's Opening Night

April 16, 2014 02:04:33

and are back in next week's episode of "". The two will reprise their roles as Will Schuester and Sue Sylvester respectively, who head to New York for Rachel's opening night.

Mercedes and Tina also come to provide Rachel with moral support, but Sue may come for a different reason as she hopes to see her fail during her Broadway debut. "I have come to watch Rachel Berry choke on her opening night," Sue says.


'Glee' 5.10 Preview: Rachel Gets Kicked Out

February 26, 2014 03:02:30

'Glee' Releases Spoilery Photo From Season 5

September 18, 2013 03:09:57

'Glee' Adds a 'Mean' Cheerios Member

September 12, 2013 03:09:02

Adam Lambert Joins 'Glee' Season 5

July 11, 2013 10:07:23

FOX Renews 'Glee' for Two More Seasons

April 20, 2013 09:04:32

Rachel Is 'Torn' in New 'Glee' 4.12 Clip

January 30, 2013 03:01:32

Ashley Fink Sets Her Return to 'Glee'

December 21, 2012 12:12:59

'Glee' to Bring Back Sebastian in November

October 26, 2012 11:10:04

'Glee' Casts Warblers' New Frontman

October 02, 2012 01:10:13

'Glee' 4.04 Preview Sees Rocky Relationships

September 28, 2012 10:09:03

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