Justin Bieber NOT Planning to Propose to Selena Gomez on Her 19th Birthday

June 04, 2011 06:04:49 GMT

The 'Baby' singing sensation quickly sends his rep to slam the spinning rumors saying that he's going to marry the Disney darling in July, claiming that the issue is 'Not true!'

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber has poured cold water to the swirling rumors suggesting that he's going to propose to girlfriend Selena Gomez on her nineteenth birthday next July. Quickly speaking up to clarify the gossip was the "Baby" hitmaker's rep who strictly claimed that the issue was "Not true!"

As reported beforehand on British Now magazine, the Canadian heartthrob was said to propose to the "Wizards of Waverly Place" actress on her birthday. "'It's her 19th birthday in July and he's planning to propose to her at a birthday party he's organizing for her," told a so-called insider to the magazine.

The report said that the "U Smile" singer was seriously thinking about his future, especially after hearing the news about Sean Kingston's jet ski accident last week. The source claimed, "Justin's really worried about Sean and has seen saying life's too short to wait for the right moment or to not follow your heart because people think you're too young to know what you want."

Explaining that the Usher protege has been planning to marry his girlfriend soon after they had a romantic getaway in Maui, the source also said, "He's not in any rush to head down the aisle but after such a fantastic time in Maui together." The source added, "Its really cemented how he feels about Selena and is hoping she'll agree to say yes."


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posted by frghkk on May 14, 2012
posted by anan on Jun 23, 2011
thank god i was going to have a hart attack if he did my hart was beating faster then a 2 year old drinking coffie plus in these case age is a facter in these world
posted by jess on Jun 17, 2011
look justin i think that you are too young and i love you and i always will but i have always hate selena cos she is using you but if you think she aint then your wrong she is i know selena im best friends with her cousin and she said that she is uing you for the fame and the money Love you Justin <3<3<3<3<3
posted by justin bieber on Jun 07, 2011
it is up to you but really make the right choice think about it
posted by Don\'t have to know on Jun 07, 2011
Listen to your heart nothing more Bieber.Think about it.
posted by keke on Jun 07, 2011
If you really love her then take the chance but don't do something that you would regret.
posted by Loveable on Jun 07, 2011
you know justin bieber i know a girl whho hates your sweetheart selena gomez
posted by jane on Jun 07, 2011
justin i think you should just wait like a few mare months or not its your choice and your life
posted by faithp on Jun 06, 2011
dood what the heck the only reason there together is becuase of the poperotzi i like cody simpson better cause jb cut his stupid hair just to let you no jb you lost 1,000,000,000,000 me and my whole family i mean your still hot but you said you would never cut your hair(my butt)
posted by KylieBieber on Jun 06, 2011
i dont think u should justin, she said her self she will not marry you. I mean whose crazy enough not too. Ur still young u have plenty of time to get married. I love u justin just dont make that mistake. Please listen to us beliebers .
posted by ljustinr on Jun 06, 2011
who cares i8f they r gettting married beyonce was in a relationship with dr dre and they were like 20 years apart
posted by Belieber on Jun 05, 2011
Justin is 17 and she's...almost 19.I think he's tooooo... young and she is too old for justin
posted by Dr.bieber on Jun 05, 2011
Justin is too young to get marry
posted by AB on Jun 05, 2011
Lol .. I really like Sel but she cant really sing live. Dont get me wrong I love her .. but she just .. I dont know .. guess I just dont see them getting married AT ALL ...
posted by justin bieber bigges on Jun 05, 2011
I dont care if he gets married i will always be a fan
posted by Carissa101910 on Jun 05, 2011
AmericanRockStar thats not true! It's good that he came out and said that it wasn't true because he's only 17! Where would his life go after that? Nowhere quick thats for sure!
posted by aq on Jun 04, 2011
sounds weird.......
posted by cutie go on Jun 04, 2011
well isn't it 2 early..if we see tht jb is a star and he has to make his career.. where as Selena is a dump actor and a dumb singer.
posted by Sisi on Jun 04, 2011
I am pretty sure that he is not thinking of getting engaged, he wouldn't want his fans to get upset over him & he might lose his poplourity as well, & plus JB doesn't love Selena, he likes her with another meaning, he desires her & i am pretty sure that even if he proposed, she is not going to accept, before Selena enter to this relation, she said with her own tongue that "we are just having fun & nothing series"& plus i think she still like Nick Jonas more than JB & it's super obvious! So don't worry JB fans! ;)
posted by christymistty on Jun 04, 2011
whoooo um well i do understand your point of view (my parents hand me when they were 15) and they dont regret maybe it will be the same with mariage just now im a number 1 beiber fan:) and i might get a little jelouse but everything happends for a reason!!
posted by Lauren<3sYou on Jun 04, 2011
Haha, woe! Thats crazy! Oh my goodness, if he was going to..Selena Bieber sounds weird. Jfs. :P
posted by Justin Bieber on Jun 04, 2011
Marriage is not on the table yet cause i believe we are both still young and i think we should plan for these kinds of things later in life when we're older..depending on how things go between the two of us.
posted by Bieber fan on Jun 04, 2011
I think anyone is plain out stupid if they thought this rumour was true. HE"S ONLY 17 PEOPLE!! goodness, you think he's thinking of marriage already?
posted by Loveable on Jun 04, 2011
Look if u love her so much then do waht u got to do. Follow ur heart cuz waht ever da heart wantz it should get it. Pluse u two are ment 4 each other datz y god created u two. So i say go 4 it nd i think she would say yes to u. Ur sweet,nice,intelagent person and u will always be there 4 ever.
posted by jane on Jun 04, 2011
jb is toooooo young he has he's entire future ahead of him and selenas so doing this for publicity coz kevin only anounced his relashionship with his wife when they wer enaged!
posted by Brianna bay on Jun 04, 2011
If you do love her you should follow your dream I would . If you tooled me that I would say yes because you nice, sweet, and talented. Stay cool.
posted by AmericanRockStar on Jun 04, 2011
They're already engaged.

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