James Durbin Blindsided by 'American Idol' Elimination

May 14, 2011 02:19:04 GMT

Speaking of going home the morning after result show, the 22-year-old says, 'It feels like I've failed. But now, thinking about it, it's like, I haven't failed at all. This is just the beginning.'

James Durbin
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Hard rock singer James Durbin was apparently caught off guard by his elimination from "American Idol" on Thursday night, May 12. The 22-year-old spoke to the press in a conference call held the morning after he got the boot from the singing competition, and admitted that he was definitely blindsided by the news.

"I'm not gonna lie, I definitely was," the fourth-placer confessed. "But there was something off with the kinetic energy of everyone at the studio yesterday. I just kind of felt it off of people's body language - not that people knew, it's just that there was a real somber feeling... I freaked out a little bit before the show started, and I just knew it, I really did."

During the chat, it was mentioned that previous fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry, who also found fame post-"Idol" with band DAUGHTRY, said not winning the show was the best thing that happened to him. To which, James commented, "That makes plenty of sense." Still, he added, "Winning would have been just great too."

"There's the first instinct when you're up there, and Ryan says, 'You're going home,' the first instinct is, 'Gosh, I wanted to win so badly,' and it feels like I've failed," he explained. "But now, thinking about it, it's like, I haven't failed at all. This is just the beginning... I can really appreciate now - and I'll figure it out more in the coming days - the finale, and the tour, and releasing my stuff, and just really getting to work, is exciting, and I'm really stoked."

Asked if he had any idea why his "Don't Stop Believin' " and "Love Potion #9?" rendition didn't connect with people, James said, "I don't know. It's kind of funny and I've been waiting for someone to ask me this question all morning, since 5 A.M. here."

"The funny thing is, a friend I made out here is Chris Jericho - who's on 'Dancing with the Stars' - big metal head, singer in a metal band, pro-wrestler. The last song that he danced to before his elimination was 'Don't Stop Believin.' ' 'Don't Stop Believin' ' eliminated James Durbin, Chris Jericho, and Tony Soprano."

In another interview, James also spoke about the hands-on hip shaking guidance Lady GaGa provided when mentoring him for his Wednesday night, May 11 performance. To the Hollywood Reported, the aspiring singer honestly said, "To sum it for me, it was awkward. It was unexpected and very uncomfortable. I warned [my girlfriend] first. She didn't like it. Only on Idol."


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posted by IdolFan on Jun 11, 2011
Lauren shouldnt have made final 3.She was forgettable and boring.James and Haley were my favs.Love James!!!!
posted by Ana on May 17, 2011
I agree with everybody who says that James should have been the winner. I am also very dissapointed with James being eliminated. He is been the most talented in this season.I really hope that James will do great on his career. I am done watching AI.
posted by chula30 on May 17, 2011
Why is Hailey still on? she screamed out that Michael jackson song she sounded and looked horrible! And Lauren needs to get booted off!! She sang that song from ghost it was so bland, uninspiring and just boring! Lauren always goes out of tune when she sings!
posted by cora on May 17, 2011
Screaming is old........
posted by Kim on May 16, 2011
So sory to see James go-it has been a great season with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, won't watch the rest of the season however-America got it wrong by voting James out!
posted by Twink on May 15, 2011
James is by far the best this season. He's so talented and gave his best every week. I'm DONE with A I. It's not worth watching anymore. It's a show that doesn't make sense. James should be the IDOL for season 10!!!!
posted by GLENZ on May 15, 2011
posted by HayBabe on May 14, 2011
I think single elimination is not at all fair. Just a thought - how 'bout when there are 6 contestants left, start keeping a vote talley on a weekly basis. At the end of 6 weeks, whoever has the most total votes wins. James would have ended up on top, where he belongs!
posted by virginia on May 14, 2011
James was BY FAR the best of the four!!!! The remaining three are, quite frankly, BORING. James should not have been eliminated. Every week he bought excitement with his performances and I couldn't wait to see him - just like when Adam Lambert was on AI. I will not be watching AI for the remainder of the season. The remaining three do nothing for me so I won't be wasting my time. I pray James every success on his great talent!!!
posted by betty on May 14, 2011
James should have won the idol. I will not watch next season unless judging is changed.
posted by karen on May 14, 2011
James was by far the best contestant and like crystal he has been wronged. This will be the last time I watch Idol
posted by harleygma on May 14, 2011
he is the best of all of them, if haley wins that's the end of me watching american idol. she thinks she's hot and can do or say anything she wants, the other ones are better then she ever thought of, but james scotty and lauren are my favorites.
posted by Bye from me on May 14, 2011
Well thats the end of me and American Idol. When the clear winners does not even get to the final 2, its obvious that however the voting is managed, it does not produce the the best performer at the end of the day.
posted by Western Girl on May 14, 2011
Yes, If walk, talk, pray and have total faith,"all things are possible".
posted by Myl on May 14, 2011
James was by far the best contestant.
posted by AI is through... on May 13, 2011
I used to always think that people who claim the show is "rigged" were crazy. But seriously, I just don't believe the results. Something fishy is going on at AI. But after Durbins exit, I am most definitely done watching. I was so sick of these "judges" too. Unbelievable. It is as if the judges had no ears...
posted by Jayrock on May 13, 2011
When the others sing about God, Country and Apple pie he didnt have a chance.
posted by Fawsdaws on May 13, 2011
I am sure it is rigged now He should have won the whole thing The judges should pickthe final winners ...
posted by Softballfan on May 13, 2011
Stunned, shocked and in disbelief were my first thoughts when James was not voted through. But after Casey was eliminated there was no telling what would eventually happen. James and Casey are by far the most all around talented musicians on Idol. James performed with every ounce of his being every week and gave the world a fantastic performance weekly....... I have not doubt James will continue on and be very successful. I may not watch Idol anymore.....
posted by Southern Girl on May 13, 2011
I was shocked when James Derbin was eliminated. It was so upsetting given his incredible talent that I even felt angry and distrustful of the count - whatever does that. It doesn't make sense that after weeks of fantastic singing that he just fell off the bandwagon. Makes me wonder if this was done to cause attention by the show's directors. The other three contestants are talented as well but James is amazing and always gives a dynamite performance as if he was already recorded.

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