What to Expect From 'Jersey Shore' Season 3

October 22, 2010 03:04:14 GMT

With season 2 coming to an end, fans of the show will be spared the 'hookups, breakups and drama' until January next year.

What to Expect From 'Jersey Shore' Season 3
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"Jersey Shore" wrapped up its second season on Thursday, October 21 but the producers are able to reveal about the next season for they had finished filming it. Co-creator and executive producer SallyAnn Salsano announced that season 3 will begin January 6 and it won't lack in hookups, breakups and, most of all, drama.

"All the relationships start taking a turn, some for the good, some for the bad. There's plenty of drama," Salsano told The Hollywood Reporter. "There are some new hook-ups both in the house and outside. The kids legitimately grow up and come into their own in front of your eyes. They're still the same cast, but I think how they deal with situations is completely different."

When asked whether Angelina would pop up again, she said no. The show however has hired one more guidette to replace Angelina, Snooki's best friend Deena. "She's a good time," Salsano described the newbie. "It was hard for her to come in because there was a pre-existing relationship between everyone. There was literally no shortage of drama."

No Angelina, there will be Ryder. "What would a season be without Ryder visiting?" Salsano said about the other pal of Snooki. After all, the EP admitted that the cast is irreplaceable. "No, I can't replace these kids. They're a special group and unique unto them," she gushed. "...There are so many opportunities they're getting from being on the show. The longer the show is on the air, the longer those opportunities will take place. So just keep the show on the air."


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posted by Court on Dec 10, 2010
Fuck PaulD, Mike, and ROnnie, VINNY ALL THE WAY! Vinnys so fine!
posted by yen on Dec 02, 2010
posted by DAWSON991 on Nov 30, 2010
Jersey Shoue the best show on TV
posted by goldengirl on Nov 19, 2010
I love jersey shore!!!
posted by iii luv pauly on Nov 19, 2010
pauly is so phocken fine iii luv uuuu!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by poopiperparadise on Nov 19, 2010
I left a log on the lightbulb during last episode. It was hot and filthy.
posted by cock knocker on Nov 17, 2010
The situation allready thinks he's better then the show... snooki needs to do midget porn and jwow needs to give me head...
posted by Paully - K on Nov 16, 2010
I LOVE THIS SHIT!! I Love every minute of it. it makes me feel like i can be some one some day... I get drunk every night by my self and watch them over and over and its cool because it feels like im partying with them every night :) keep it real yo.
posted by RSKINFL on Nov 16, 2010
posted by brittany on Nov 11, 2010
I cant wait to see ronnie again he is so find and sexy!!!!
posted by sadie on Nov 11, 2010
jersey shore is the shit i cant wait til season 3
posted by The cabS Are Here on Nov 10, 2010
i would make love to vinny
posted by the cabs are here on Nov 10, 2010
i wanna go home and fart in a shoe box
posted by The situation on Nov 09, 2010
Snookie is soo cute :) I would marry Vinny (love)
posted by SHADY0625 on Nov 05, 2010
posted by snookiisugly on Nov 02, 2010
snooki is fuckn short and ugly she a fukn midget she thinks shes all dat hahahaha
posted by boston on Oct 29, 2010
ilove jersey shoree, hopee they makee seasonn 3 and moree !
posted by rosa7 on Oct 26, 2010
Mtv should make a "i love snookie" would make lots of money....ppl talk crap about her even tho shes funny and real...ppl would watch even haters
posted by dope on Oct 23, 2010
I hope they do a few more seasons and none of them think they are better than the show and leave forgetting its the source of their fame.
posted by kaykay1234 on Oct 22, 2010
i cant waite until jersey shore 3 comes out i cant waite untill it airs jaunary 6 at 9:00pm........

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