Video: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Leaving From Dinner Date

October 06, 2010 03:15:55 GMT

On Monday night, October 4, Robert and Kristen were photographed leaving the Los Angeles Italian restaurant Ago before rushing to a cab to avoid the paparazzi's invasion.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
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Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might soon come clean about the nature of their relationship now that they have been spotted in several outings together. And on Monday night, October 4, the hush hush couple was again seen together at Los Angeles Italian restaurant Ago on Melrose, Us Magazine reported.

When Robert and Kristen, both in their black jackets, left the restaurant, they kept their heads down as they learned that paparazzi have waited for them. The Bella Swan of "Twilight" movie series kept her head low beneath her hood while refusing to flash a smile to the cameras. The rumored lovers then left together in a cab.

According to the site, Robert and Kristen continued their Ago dinner date by stopping at SoHo House. An eyewitness revealed that at one point, the 20-year-old beauty was seen "sitting on his lap". The spy added, "It was a snuggle fest!"

An insider claimed Robert actually wants to be more open about their romance while Kristen dismissed the idea. The source said, "Kristen is bossy and very tough with him. I think he likes that."

The Ago dinner date came after Robert and Kristen were spotted at SoHo House in West Hollywood on Saturday night, October 2. During that time, the two were said "staring at each other throughout dinner and kept stealing quick kisses from one another during the night," with Robert putting his arm "around her for most of dinner."

Robert and Kristen Leaving Ago:


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posted by ROB 4eVeR<<33 on Nov 04, 2010
ok well i feel rob and kristen r a gud down 2 earth cupple and every buddy wants them 2gether right? ok then leave them alone!!!! if peolpe keep pushing them them there just gunna say 4get it!! and even if it dnt work out. . .rob call me:D
posted by Laura on Oct 14, 2010
At the end of the video you can see how Tom is turned on and kiss Kristen, that's the reason that Tom will always be with them, he and Kristen are together, the video clearly shows the minute 1:56, I never believed in the romance between Robert and Kristen, never looked like the real thing always seemed a promotional strategy and this video confirms, in many ways is already talk of lies Robsten
posted by robda on Oct 12, 2010
tom is always wearing that red plaid shirt last three times and why is he always tagging along Oh! I know he gets off on Rob and Kristen eyesexing each other except he gets to see it in person and we have to rely on the crazy pappz
posted by sandra on Oct 12, 2010
i so adore kristen and robert i wish ppl would stop and leave them along i hope they don't let these jealous nuts destroy what they have. Robert is the sexiest man really he is so damn handsome i can't stop looking at him but more to his credit is a lovely british man .
posted by amel swan on Oct 07, 2010
their the cutes couple ever, Rob so became protective to kristen i like that, he dont have the strange so stay away from kristen anymore, ummm ... it's sweet, i hope their always together 4ever
posted by millie on Oct 07, 2010
what people don't realise is Rob's very, very, close BFF is also with them,he always seems to be lurking in the backgound of every photo taken with the couple,travels everywhere with Rob, so I think you all have it wrong, Tom Sturridge is Rob Pattinson's gielfriend.
posted by Iman on Oct 07, 2010
Aaaaah rob is so sweet hè is so protective and soo hot kristen is beautiful Rob is verry luckey whit her i love them both
posted by verniceL. on Oct 07, 2010
kristen for me is so hot. she had these perfect face and sweet smile.
posted by nadsan80 on Oct 06, 2010
I love both of them. They so low profile and down to earth. I really love kristen stewart style very simple but still look amazing and beautiful. Rob very lucky to have kristen. She is so talented, gorgeous, and independent person. They are so perfect together.
posted by niki 08 on Oct 06, 2010
Hi rob is lunck to have hear i mean kristen stewart
posted by PrincessDi28 on Oct 06, 2010
Why don't these papparazzis leave Rob and Kristen alone? They deserved to be left alone.
posted by Terri on Oct 05, 2010
Mom and dad Pattinson did a good job raising such a gentleman!
posted by KendraB. on Oct 05, 2010
They are my favorite couple in the whole world. I am 16 but I hope to meet a good guy like Rob for myself. Kristen is so pretty and tiny. He is protective with her. I love it all!!!

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