Video: Jasmine Villegas Talks About Justin Bieber

September 23, 2010 08:04:11 GMT

During a recent chat at the Sprite Fresh Sound Studio, the 16-year-old beauty reveals that the best thing about Justin is his 'full personality'.

Video: Jasmine Villegas Talks About Justin Bieber
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Jasmine Villegas has made headline after she and YouTube sensation Justin Bieber were spotted making out. In a recent chat with BOP & Tiger Beat at the Sprite Fresh Sound Studio, Jasmine dished out things that fans might not know about Justin as she has gotten a chance to perform on his "My World" tour.

During the chat, Jasmine said that Justin is an "outgoing person" and "funny". The 16-year-old beauty later stressed that Justin is what he is in front of his fans, adding the "Somebody To Love" singer's "full personality" is the best thing about him. She additionally admitted that fans occasionally asked her if she likes Justin.

Jasmine and Justin fueled rumors that they are indeed dating after the two were photographed engaged in a serious make-out session in the back seat of a car when they were driving in Venice, California. The shot was reportedly taken by some Canadian tourist on Thursday, September 9. The two, however, have previously denied that they were an item, insisting they were just "really cool friends."

Jasmine Villegas has served as the opening act of Justin Bieber's concert tour. She has also previously appeared in Justin's music video for "Baby", playing his love interest. She also makes cameo appearance on Justin and Sean Kingston's music video for "Eenie Meenie".

Jasmine Villegas on Justin Bieber:


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posted by PRETTY on Mar 13, 2011
Justin bieber yuh and jasmine villegas make a good couple. but yuh and Selena gomez dnt make a good couple.. P.S LOVE YUR MUSIC ... I LOVE YOU...
posted by liberty on Feb 16, 2011
jasmine v u r a slut u was all ova justin on the baby video 2 bad hes not ur baby u slut
posted by tammy on Feb 16, 2011
justin u in jaszmine v really dnt make a good couple itz not that im jeaoluse cuz im kinda am but justin i really dnt think u make a good couple
posted by sadrea on Feb 16, 2011
well i totally love justin bieber in would love 2 come 2 ur concert 1 day but the whole thing with the jaszmine v thing with kissing is true i think they kinda sorter make a good couple im like not a crazy fan that imma send the girl haate messages over justin bieber but like i was saying he could date whoever he wants thats him u r going 2 have 2 get ova it
posted by justin bieber jasmin on Nov 15, 2010
Hey justin bieber ur my total BaBy!
posted by Jasmine HATE-or on Oct 26, 2010
omfg I effing hate this biiiiiiiittch....lmfao Justin should totally date a filipina but not her hahahahaha AKO NALANG SANA!!! joke! jejeejejeje
posted by janessa villegas on Oct 19, 2010
hi jasmine i know a lot of you and justin iam your idol i really like your song "all these boys" you and justin are ment together why do you like to say the truth well i say can you and justin go here in phil and have a concert cuz i like to see yo 2 kiss thats all
posted by Carol@bieliber on Sep 28, 2010
Guess who i bumped into on the 22nd of sept ? Ok i bumped into justin bieber at the johannesburg inter airport in South Africa and we talked abt a lot of stuff and he gave me his phone number and jasmine was pissed
posted by alex on Sep 27, 2010
jb what is it cool or hot at your plane
posted by Mrs. Bieber on Sep 27, 2010
LOL! Most of these comments are SO funny! I LOVE Justin .. But I think everyone should respect his personal life. Even if he is secretly with Jasmine V, its not like they are a married couple! And he's already said he doesnt have any time for a girl friend. AND finally I'm following both of them on twitter and they mentioned where they were in the world and they are NO WHERE near each other! So dont worry :)
posted by 100 %fanaticabieber on Sep 25, 2010
apestan!!! todas
posted by I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER on Sep 25, 2010
posted by PLAY THING on Sep 25, 2010
wHOs JUsTIn bEAvER???
posted by Bieber BI CURIOUS on Sep 25, 2010
posted by Beiber hater on Sep 25, 2010
He sucks
posted by 1guynoc on Sep 24, 2010
Wait-these are two 16 year olds. Where is the guidance on staying away from 'hot' intimacies so young? Oh, I get it, he's a star, and therefore this is their natural activity, even at 16 years of immaturity. I see. Hmmm. New one on me I guess. Parental authority, lost in the wake of the raking in of millions. We'll see where this heads,er...or his head is at later.
posted by Michael on Sep 24, 2010
Haha that is kind of funny...the gurl who used all of justins songs! Im gonna text her;) lol
posted by Shlelah masemola on Sep 23, 2010
Justin bieber ur my biggest fan ur the best
posted by hobogangsterrr. on Sep 23, 2010
LMFAO at the girl that used like all of justins songs to make a story of why justin should be with her. kudos kiid! ahaha (:
posted by stunna.shay on Sep 23, 2010
shes gorgeous! oh, & so is justin (:
posted by LittleMs.biEbeR on Sep 23, 2010
Justin ima tell you ONE TIME if you need SOMEBODY TO LOVE you could LOVE ME...make my your ONE LESS LONELY GIRL and take me out on a date so we could have our FIRST DANCE...ill be your FAVORITE GIRL and you will be my BABY...our love will get BIGGER and we will go nowhere but UP...i promise that i will NEVER LET YOU GO because im not an EENIE MEENIE minee moe lover...when U SMILE i THAT SHOULD BE ME;) txt me @ 520 335 4158
posted by jenn on Sep 23, 2010
That b*** better stay away from justin!
posted by alesha on Sep 23, 2010
its jb choice to be with her Girl s stop being jealusy ilove you sooo much justin bieber hahahahaha lololol xxxxxxxxxxxx love u jbjbjibjbjb haja
posted by Eyshiababey. on Sep 23, 2010
justihn your beute and i wanna meet you! loveyou!
posted by charotte cole on Sep 23, 2010
:-) :-) :-)

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