'Top Chef' Season 7 Winner Is Kevin Sbraga

September 16, 2010 06:25:44 GMT

The 30-year-old father of two from New Jersey, who did not believe his ears when his name was called, was the first African-American chef to win the competition.

'Top Chef' Season 7 Winner Is Kevin Sbraga
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Kevin Sbraga was crowned the winner of "Top Chef" season 7 which was shot in Washington D.C. and concluded in Singapore. The other finalists, Ed Cotton and Angelo Sosa, settled for the runner-up positions.

In the final challenge, the judges wanted them to create a four-course meal; vegetable, fish, meat and desserts. This time, each of the contestants was accompanied by previous winners, Ilan Hall, Hung Huynh and Michael Voltaggio. Ed was partnered with Ilan while Angelo and Kevin got Hung and Michael respectively.

Unfortunately, Angelo was sick on the preparation day and was told by doctor to take a rest. Hung then took over his part by taking directions from Angelo by phone. Judge Eric Ripert brought out the "proteins" the contestants must cook and they are cuttlefish, lobster, red mullet and cockles. Meanwhile Tom Colicchio brought a whole duck and pork belly.

Angelo miraculously recovered by the time they had to cook and he served royale mushrooms with noodles and pork belly, Asian-style bouillabaisse, duck and foie gras with marshmallow/cherry shooter and shaved ice and coconut milk called "Thai Jewel". Meanwhile winner Kevin cooked eggplant zucchini and roasted pepper terrine, pan-seared rouget with cuttlefish noodles, roasted duck with dumplings and coconut pana cotta he named "Singapore Sling 2010".

In the end the judges picked Kevin's meal although the chef only won one quickfire and elimination challenge throughout the season. Judges throught Kevin cooked the duck better than anybody. "It's absolutely huge that I'm the first African-American Top Chef," Kevin said after the announcement. "My dad, my sister, my friends, guys at the barbershop- I mean, they're going to eat it up. They're going to love it."

Kevin is entitled to $125,000 prize, a feature in Food & Wine magazine as well as a spot at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.


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posted by ChefC on Oct 03, 2010
EXACTLY he said it!!!!!
posted by suga on Sep 20, 2010
who cares he won that is it ...congrads kevin
posted by Kelly on Sep 18, 2010
Lol last time i CHECK Puerto RIco was a country not a RACE !!!! like what is wrong with you people
posted by BlkCap24 on Sep 18, 2010
Wow i cant even believe his race is a topic on here. Although he did say he was African American guys. I think the man knows his own ethnicity!!! I'm glad u won Kevin, i was rooting for u Bruh!!!!! Your cooking was off the hook and u deserved it!...Bump all the HATER!!!!!!!!!!
posted by american people on Sep 17, 2010
Kevin is a friend of mine & he is African American & Italian. His wife is puerto rican. He is very talented & this is soo deserving.
posted by white boy on Sep 17, 2010
he ain't Af-Am, he ain't black, he's a whatever-hispanic... he could claim to be white instead black and it would be not as true... his cooking sucked by the way
posted by dvine on Sep 17, 2010
y does it matter.. he is not the 1st person of color to win Top Chef.. FYI Black ppl make spanish food and hispanics make soul food.. at least the ones i know.. and they are a chef - i would like to think they can make other types of cuisine..
posted by vckow on Sep 16, 2010
graet job Kelvin. I'm glad u won
posted by yawdie gyal on Sep 16, 2010
Good job Kevin!
posted by peggy on Sep 16, 2010
He said he is african american he should know what his race is get over it
posted by Kiewess on Sep 16, 2010
You go Boyyy! I'm proud of you - REPRESENT for the Brothers!!!
posted by MrCapricorn on Sep 16, 2010
You guys are stupid!!!!! Kevin said at the end of the show if u dummies were watching!! Im glad to be the FIRST African American to win Top Chef!! Thanks!!!!
posted by Adriano on Sep 16, 2010
Kevin said he was "African American," and cooked his behind off to win it all! (And ther are Black Puerto Ricans, people-sheesh!--one doesn't cancel out the other!) Anyways you go, brotha, and more power to you and all the contestants. Now when are you opening your new restaurant in New Jersey!
posted by WASET on Sep 16, 2010
Kevin said he was African American on the show!
posted by Some name on Sep 16, 2010
Kevin is African American. His wife is Puerto Rican.
posted by Maria on Sep 16, 2010
Kevin is Puerto Rican....not African American....I guess to yall cuz he got a lot of melanin in his skin yall jumped to the conclusion hes African American...he is Hispanic
posted by The Mighty Confused on Sep 16, 2010
...Waaaaaaaaiit I thought he was Puerto Rican??? I remember in one of the episodes he created a PR dish and said that's how they make it in his family..Puerto Rican and Black maybe??

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