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'Top Chef' Champion Wins Over the Judges With Her 'Best Dessert Ever'

February 13, 2015 11:02:30

Mei Lin has been named the new "" winner. Going head-to-head against Gregory Gourdet in the show's season 12 finale set in Mexico, she became only the third female winner in the show's history.

Both cooks had to cook a four-course meal with the help of two sous chefs for the final challenge. Mei served octopus; congee with carnitas and a scallion puree; duck with huitlacoche; and strawberry lime curd dessert, while Gregory served grilled octopus; a soup with shrimp broth with green chorizo, cactus, and fried shrimp heads; striped bass with tomatillo and carrot sauce; and short ribs with mole and sweet potato.


'Top Chef: Seattle' Crowns Its Winner

February 28, 2013 02:02:30

Kristen Kish and Brooke Williamson were battling it out for the champion title in the final showdown of ": Seattle". The episode which aired Wednesday, February 27 was filmed before live audience in Los Angeles on February 22.

In the finale, both chefs had to prepare a five-course meal. Kish presented a chicken liver mousse with frisee, mustard, prune, hazelnuts and pumpernickel; citrus and lavender cured scallop with bitter orange, Meyer lemon and apple; bone marrow with celery root puree, mushrooms, bitter greens and radishes; and red snapper with leeks, Little Gem lettuce, tarragon, uni and shellfish nage.


Paul Qui 'Extremely Happy' After Winning 'Top Chef: Texas'

March 01, 2012 02:03:44

Paul Qui has been declared the champion of "" season 9. The 31-year-old chef beat out another finalist Sarah Grueneberg in the finale taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia, which was aired on Wednesday, February 29.

For the final battle, the two chefs had to create a four-course tasting menu for 100 guests and the judges. To help them serve the dishes, Barbara Lynch, Ty-Lor Boring, Chris Crary and Keith Rhodes came to assist Paul, while Nyesha Arrington, Tyler Stone, Heather Terhune and Grayson Shmitz lent their hands for Sarah.


Bravo's 'Top Chef' and FOX's 'Kitchen Nightmares' Renewed

February 03, 2012 01:02:34

Cooking and food shows prove to be a large commodity for TV networks. On the same day Bravo announced the tenth season of "", FOX announced the renewal of 's "".

The tenth season of "Top Chef" is having open calls for chefs interested in competing in the high-stakes culinary competition series. Auditions will be held in cities across the country starting on February 21 in New York. The show is currently airing its ninth season dubbed "Top Chef: Texas" which will reveal the final four on next Wednesday, February 8.


Richard Blais Wins 'Top Chef All-Stars'

March 31, 2011 10:03:35

On Wednesday, March 30 finale of " All-Stars", the remaining two contestants prepared the best meal of their lives. The final challenge was to create the restaurant of their dreams with a four-course tasting menu.

Richard Blais and Mike Isabella got to be assisted by eliminated chefs in the kitchen. The former had Spike, Angelo and Antonia on his team while the latter got Tiffani, Jamie and Carla. Richard decided to call his restaurant Tongue in Cheek while Mike preferred to call his simply Izz.


'Top Chef All-Stars' Final Two Revealed

March 24, 2011 11:03:58

" All-Stars" is near to crowning the winner, but first the three finalists need to be wilted down to two. Richard Blais from season 4 was the first to be sent to the final round, followed by sixth season contestant Mike Isabella. Antonia Lofaso of season 4 sadly had to end her journey, leaving the boys to compete in the kitchen next week.

The Wednesday, March 23 episode was kicked off with a Quickfire challenge where Antonia, Richard and Mike get to challenge each other to a Quickfire from past seasons. Antonia was to cook tag-team style with Carla, Richard got the one-hand challenge while Mike was assigned to no-utensils. Mike's pork shoulder with black beans won him $5,000 cash.


'Top Chef: All Stars' Cast Revealed

September 23, 2010 03:09:44

After seven seasons, "" tries to revamp it up with an All-Stars edition. 18 faces from previous seasons are brought back to the kitchen to fight each other and win the title of the ultimate Top Chef. The first look of who these great talents are has been released by TV Guide.

From season 1, there are Tiffani Faison and Steven Asprinio, the former of which almost won the competition against winner Harold Dieterle. Second season's personality Marcel Vigneron will join his former peer Elia Aboumrad. From season 3, Casey Thompson and Dale Levitski would put their friendship to rest for a battle in the kitchen against Texan Tre Wilcox.


'Top Chef' Season 7 Winner Is Kevin Sbraga

September 16, 2010 01:09:44

Kevin Sbraga was crowned the winner of "" season 7 which was shot in Washington D.C. and concluded in Singapore. The other finalists, Ed Cotton and Angelo Sosa, settled for the runner-up positions.

In the final challenge, the judges wanted them to create a four-course meal; vegetable, fish, meat and desserts. This time, each of the contestants was accompanied by previous winners, Ilan Hall, Hung Huynh and Michael Voltaggio. Ed was partnered with Ilan while Angelo and Kevin got Hung and Michael respectively.


'Top Chef' Season 6 Gets Its Winner, Michael Voltaggio

December 10, 2009 01:12:27

On December 9, three contestants Michael Voltaggio, Bryan Voltaggio and Kevin Gillespie, battled it out to be crowned the next "". The first meal they were required to cook was dictated, the second was asked to be made from whatever was found in the kitchen, and the third had to be the dessert course.

During the show, the three got surprise visit from their mothers and were requested to make the fourth course which was inspired by their favorite childhood dish made by their mothers. Michael cooked "dehydated cream of broccoli", Bryan made tuna-noodle casserole, and Kevin fried up some "chicken & fixings."


Bravo TV Cooking 'Top Chef: Just Desserts'

October 26, 2009 03:10:43

Dessert will finally get its solo spotlight on "". Bravo TV is cooking up the idea to have a spin-off which focus is making mouth-watering desserts. Variety reports that casting is underway for chefs to participate on "".

The spin-off is born out of the fact that desserts often become a stumbling block for chefs who had competed on the original show. "Their Achilles heel is usually the desserts," Bravo exec VP-general manager Frances Berwick said. "As this has gone on, we've been thinking that it would be fun to do a 'Top Chef' with experienced pastry chefs. We've had a few pastry chefs on 'Top Chef,' but they haven't gone too far. It's just a different skill."


'Top Chef', 'Real Housewives', 'Californication' and 'Flashpoint' Renewed

October 06, 2009 01:10:45

Networks are putting orders for their primetime series this week with Bravo TV renewing three shows at one time. The cable is extending the seasons "", "", and "" as well as locking the date of "Chef Academy" (November 16).

The cooking show is returning for the seventh season in 2010 and has set open call dates in search of the next contestants. Casting will begin October 18 in San Francisco and continue in Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C., New York and Dallas. Traditionally moving from one city to another, Bravo has not announced the destination for the seventh season.


Meet 'Top Chef: Las Vegas' Hopefuls

July 09, 2009 02:07:13

Bravo TV has had a premiere date for its high-rating series "". The sixth season which will take place in the Sin City, is set to kick off August 26 with 17 hopefuls. Participating contestants are larger in number compared to the first season that started with 12 only.

One by one these 17 chefs will be wilted down until one is crowned the champ. They are competing for the prestigious title, $100,000 from Glad, $100,000 of merchandise from Macy's, a feature in Food & Wine magazine and a showcase at the Annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colo.


Hosea Rosenberg Declared 'Top Chef' Season 5 Winner

February 26, 2009 04:02:28

The ultimate course has won a man the title of "". On the finale of the cooking competition, two were unable to satisfy the panel of judges consisting of twelve people, as much as Hosea Rosenberg. His final three courses beat those by Carla Hall and Stefan Richter.

"It felt amazing to win, but to have it come down neck and neck with Stefan just made it all that sweeter," Hosea gushed after the winning. "That was the icing on the cake. This is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. I know a lot of people are going to be proud of me for this. I could not be happier."


Casting Call for 'Top Chef' Season 6 Begins

February 04, 2009 04:02:51

Chefs finding him or herself capable in competing nationally are welcomed to join Bravo TV's reality cooking competition, "". The sixth season of the Emmy-winning series has opened a casting call in seven cities across the nation.

Starting February 8, there will be a series of auditions that begins with San Francisco. More will be conducted in Seattle on February 11, Atlanta on February 22, New York on March 1, Philadelphia on March 4 and Los Angeles on March 15. Place and time can be read below.


Foo Fighters Serve as Guest Judge on 'Top Chef'

November 12, 2008 04:11:08

A guest star will make a contribution on the fifth season of Bravo's cooking competition show, "". It has been informed by EW's Hollywood Insider that Grammy Award-winning rock band, , will make an appearance as guest judge on the cooking show.

Giving additional information, EW states that the Foo Fighters' guest-starring episode will be titled "Foo Fighters' Thanksgiving" and has been arranged to air on November 26. The episode will be taking place in restaurateur Grant Achatz, at a tour stop in Rochester, New York.


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