'Saw 8' Is Planned, Said to Have 'Amazing Story'

August 06, 2010 03:05:59 GMT

Dishing on the possible follow-up of 'Saw 3D' is actress Betsy Russell, who states that writers have come up with 'an unbelievable idea' for the eighth film.

Betsy Russell
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It seems that Lionsgate Films is not going to end "Saw", the most successful horror franchise of all time, in foreseeable future. Despite wide belief that "Saw 3D" is the last that people will get from the film series, Betsy Russell says that there is already an idea for "Saw 8".

"Before we thought it was ending [with 'Saw VII'], the writers came up with an unbelievable idea [for 'Saw 8']," she reveals to New York Post's PopWrap. Russell, who has joined the cast of the franchise since "Saw III", further gushes, "It's an amazing story that I would love to see."

The depicter of Jill Tuck has her lips sealed when asked for details about the eighth film. However, Russell wants to tease fans by saying, "We want to end near the top, with our integrity in tact and not letting the characters die a slow death, so to speak. But I believe in my heart that someday, somehow, ['Saw 8'] will happen."

Back in February this year, co-scribe Patrick Melton hinted that "Saw 3D" which is also known as "Saw VII" will mark the end of "Saw" film series. On why filmmakers would want to end the franchise, Melton reasoned that " 'Saw VI' hasn't performed as well as we anticipated."

The seventh "Saw" movie itself will not hit theaters in the U.S. until October 29. Made in eye-popping 3-D, it will see Tobin Bell returning as serial killer John Kramer and Sean Patrick Flanery as Bobby Dagen, a self-help guru and one of Jigsaw survivors.


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posted by kaylacakes42299 on Jul 14, 2014
Okay everyone claiming adams alive clearly didnt see or pay enough attention to sawIII where amanda was rantig to john about how he doest care for her and how shes going to kill lynn and then amanda admits she is a true killer and wasnt playing the game by the rules then it shows a flashback of her ssuffocating adam he is dead!!!!
posted by Hatchet on Apr 22, 2013
It can't be over. Hoffman is far too pigheaded (excuse the pun) to give up that easily. He'll chew his own foot off if he has to. And, as pointed out, there were two other unidentified pigs with Dr Gordon. We never actually saw Detective Tapp stop breathing. And Daniel Matthews wasn't at the survivors' group. There's already two people unaccounted for who haven't been proven dead. Four connecting characters is enough for these writers. I want to see Hoffman suffer. Not just leave him to share Adam's fate. Adam was a smart ass. But he certainly wasn't evil.
posted by Leonaaa on Sep 01, 2012
ADAM IS ALIVE! saw 5 mallick said he killed 8 people that was outta saw 2 including "Adam" and obviously gordon was alive but what about tapp? he wasnt mentioned at all? As you can see from adams body from most of the saw films there is a bullet shot at his chest but adam got shot in the shoulder. Tapp got shot on the chest o_o and then john said to amanda to put foot on left shackle and then in the other movies its on the right one , Lawrence obvs kept his promise and switched bodies and adam was maybe the other pig mask and helping take photos?? and also *Cough* Insidious blackboard xD Well thats what i think anyway SAW 8 FTW and hope hoffman survives xD
posted by crazymichael on Aug 11, 2012
There will and should be saw 8 because if you look closly near hoffman the toilet seat is still on the toilet he can do what eric did in saw 2 or something new and we never found out what happened to daniel or gordans family they could be the 2 pigs but because we never found out they should tell us the answer in saw 8 and hopefully carry on making saw because every other film ive seen since saw 3D has been terrible except Underworld 4
posted by Kevuk27 on Jul 30, 2012
Saw should never end love it so much.
posted by raffy on Jul 23, 2012
i really want u to bring up saw 8 with its cast dying slowly...hahaha..
posted by Jigsaw on Jun 29, 2012
Saw 1 is the best of the series
posted by :))) on May 29, 2012
Adam is still alive , i'LL prOmise ?
posted by blackfox on Apr 28, 2012
To say (1) that there was another saw behind the pipes, (2) that Hoffman somehow escapes from the bathroom, and (3) Adam is still alive is both stupid and a sign that some people won't accept that the series is over. Dr. Gordon would have considered EVERY possibility before putting Hoffman into the bathroom. He never intended to give Hoffman a chance to escape, so he would have made sure not to let Hoffman have ANY chance of survival. And Dr. Gordon never intended to continue Jigsaw's work. He ONLY intended to execute Jigsaw's final instructions about his wife. Adam is CLEARLY shown being smothered in Saw 3. Please people, let Saw take its place as history's greatest horror movie with dignity. They tied up every loose end (more or less) and it stands to end on a good note. Not the BEST ending, true, but it could've been worse
posted by PurpleMakrov on Apr 15, 2012
Adam is alive lionsgate sent me the full trailer of SAWVIII :D!
posted by LIJ on Apr 05, 2012
Big Fan!! Please never end this.. I love not knowing whats next and waiting till the next movie.. I know is not one because the movie Insidious says it all. Hopefully yall not playing with my emotions! But pleaseee bring Saw8 out alreadyyy yall killing ME!! Sincerely BIG FAN!!!!! =))
posted by saw 8 on a rampage on Mar 27, 2012
yes there will be a saw 8 hoffman will escape because in the last scene Gordon threw the saw out but didnt realise that there is another saw and flashlight behind the pipes and + other people from the saws went missing and are still alive so saw 8 needs to happen
posted by hhhhhha on Mar 20, 2012
whoever thought adam was dead ur guys were wrong remember adam had chain on left foot but watch saw 3 then u will rigg body chain on right foot remember rigg got shot in bewteen chest not adam got shot in arm not in chest btw
posted by idk on Mar 20, 2012
adam is not even death that rigg body in that bathroom look at chain in right foot and adam foot was chain in left foot look very closer in saw movie then look other saw movie adam got shot in arm not in chest look at movie very carfully adam foot then u understand it going be adam in saw 8 as well btw
posted by C-SAW on Mar 14, 2012
I agree it jus cnt end like that, after following saw this far 4 it 2 end lyk dat is stupid also Jig Saw did say 2 his wife dat afta all dis i will offer u a way out lol dat went dwn the pan lol
posted by Ryan on Feb 28, 2012
u guys visit Leigh Whannell's wikipedia... u'll find it's written he the executive producer of "SAW VIII"! ;D
posted by Ryan on Feb 28, 2012
hey guys... I visited the saw set once. and I know.. that saw 8 is gonna be there. I can prove it too!
posted by Zacattack97 on Jan 30, 2012
how could they possibly make a SAW8 there arent any main characters left or any detectives only Detective.Mark Hoffman is left but he is assumed dead for know and another thing and most of the helpers to figure out jigsaws/jons traps are dead like the morgue guy and the rest of em. and Cary Elewes (Dr.Gordon) said he only returned to do SAW7 to finish the series so im pretty sure there isnt going to be a SAW8 but i still think it was gay how they ended the series
posted by TR727 on Jan 21, 2012
How can u think adam is still alive when amanda clearly suffocated him, those who say tapp or rigg could be back clearly havent being watching seeing as they had been declared dead enough to have a memorial service in saw 5 and how the hell could the two pig headed people at the end of 7 with dr gordon be his wife and kid when his child was like 10, watch the film and pay attention
posted by Madness on Jan 10, 2012
The two guys with Gordon at the end of SAW7 arent the guys from the love triangle trap, they were under developed characters. Think the missing survivors. Like Daniel detective Matthews son (One was his hieght), and the other one which was taller being Detective Tapp that was never pronounced dead in the movies, only led to believe. SAW the game took care of his placement inbetween SAW and SAW2. He is alive. If SAW8 Happens it will be a Jigsaw movement they are leaning towards. The following will expand to greater than just survivors. The series will most likely end on the assumption that Jigsaw changed the world as one man and his following grows to a point where it cant be stopped. Kinda like a Deathnote, or Boondock Saints type deal.
posted by Adam FTW on Dec 23, 2011
It should be over becuz it begins in the bathroom it ends in the bathroom hoffman will rot with adam,zepp,xaviers remains
posted by asfdasf on Nov 26, 2011
Adam is dead, Amanda killed him. watch on youtube watch?v=cmDOJjzpgEA
posted by T_T on Nov 17, 2011
posted by crank on Nov 06, 2011
what happens next? the series can't end like that!!!
posted by darcy reed on Nov 02, 2011
the series were amazing but the problem is that every person from saw like adam, jeff's daughter, guys from the triangle trap bobby from saw 7 and the other from the other saws went missing and they are not even dead!! and hoffman is still alive so a saw 8 must be made to show where they went and hoffman will escape too because there was another saw behind the pipes and i am sure that there a flashlight hidden in the bathroom but i know that hoffman will escape no dealt!!!
posted by gay omar on Nov 02, 2011
saw 7 was great but the ending was terrible and the series can't end like that hoffman is not dead and he will escape!! so saw 8 must be made please!!!
posted by Holly on Oct 31, 2011
To all of these people saying about Adam, how could he be alive. In all the saws you see his mangled decaying body sitting here hunched over. So unless the saw writers have gotten a bit crazy and made zombies apart of it.. I highly doubt that Adam is alive lol
posted by samer the chicken on Oct 16, 2011
hoffman will escape no matter what because at the start of saw 7 where adam was trapped there's another saw next to the pipes that's what gordon didn't notice or he can escape like eric matthews did!!!
posted by james on Oct 08, 2011
the 2 guys helping gordon at the end of saw 3d were the 2 guys in the love triangle trap in the beginning.
posted by AKBAR on Sep 26, 2011
Hoffman can easily escape But the number of vines for the sixth film, when Jill goes down to the local doctor There is a CCTV Refers to a film camera The camera can capture the relationship between Jill and the doctor And this could be a clue for the police to interrogate the doctor Gordon
posted by scoi la moi on Sep 19, 2011
There is a clue in the movie Insidious from the producers of Saw hinting of a saw 8 if you check out the blackboard in the classroom with the picture of the saw doll along with the number 8 booomshakalaka
posted by wayno on Aug 28, 2011
to everyone who keeps mentioning jeffs daughter from saw 3 she was "rescued" by hoffman in the 5 one. He used her to make himself look better and to keep the attention away from him.
posted by agent 47 on Aug 24, 2011
saw 7 ain't the final chapter because had a bad ending and some of the people from the other saw's are still alive specially hoffman!! so a saw 8 must be made.
posted by kkkkkkkkk on Aug 20, 2011
Please make a saw 8 where adam is still alive and his body was replaced by zapp or someone like that because that would be mind blowing to an audience
posted by the expendables on Aug 08, 2011
i wanna see the games continue!! my work ain't over just because i am dead it ain't over yet the games have just began!!
posted by leatherface on Aug 08, 2011
please make a saw 8 hoffman is not dead and some of people from the other saw's are still alive and you not knowing what happened to them!!
posted by joe rimm on Aug 07, 2011
saw 7 can't be the final chapter because hoffman will escape like eric matthews in saw 3 and will get dr gordon, and the ending was very poor to be the final chapter while leaving all the other people from all the other saw's not knowing where to go and you not knowing what happened to them!
posted by sam on Aug 07, 2011
i love saw! and the games ain't over because in saw 3 eric matthews escaped by twisting his foot so in saw 8 hoffman will do the same and the series can't end how saw 7 ended!!
posted by hoffman on Jul 20, 2011
well hoffman will escape no matter what or how. amanda is dead. Danial will never like his father's murderer. adam and rigg could be still alive
posted by JIGSAW4EVER.! on Jul 13, 2011
There should be Saw 8. What about dr. Gordon and his dauther and wife frm 'Saw 1', Daniel frm '2', Bobby frm '3d'.? Remember Jeff and Lynn's dauther?(3) What about her? Only John knew where she was. We don't know that she died. C'mon.! There must be the 8th part of Saw.!! [And not the last] I wish that every year was the new 'saw'. In 2011-saw 8. in 2012- saw 9 etc ;P OMG. That would be AWESOME.!! Ps. Sprry if i wrote something wrong. I'm polish and i still learn english language. ;]
posted by Toben Bell on Jun 29, 2011
I thinks is the SAW 3D is a the final chapter and no releasing about for this horror movie
posted by jingsaw on Jun 09, 2011
I promished my work will continue.Daniel from saw2 will continue
posted by jigsaw18 on May 28, 2011
ITS OVER,Deal with it why there are still people who think that its over? the 2 other pig headed people are not importent we dont have to know cuz who care's? I dont. Hoffman will die after a couple of day's there is no way to escape. He's dead. its all over people so wake up.
posted by John Krammer on May 19, 2011
i bieleve dt hoffman should escape from the bathroom. There is not need to cuthis foot while he can smash it as matthew.I support that in saw 8 a new game should be played with a new host <<jingsaw>> and Hoffman and Gordon as players <<victims>>
posted by Dr.Gordon on May 19, 2011
Hey guys wacht saw VI after all the movie and appreciations there is a small chapter that shows Amanda talking to Jeff's daughter. Perhaps dr.lowrence gordon is not the only outsider. There is a possibility for Amanda to be alive
posted by Dt Hoffman on Apr 27, 2011
i think their should be another one because saw is a great series and i think hoffman should escape and try go after dr gordon, but all the police relize that saw murders are still going and gordon is doing them, nd dtv hoffman trys to get him and gordon loses his shit over it and dtv hoffman kills him. and puts him in a awesome trap.
posted by Yamah on Apr 25, 2011
im a big fan of movie "SAW" series n i really liked it.....waitin for saw 8 it shld nt b end..?
posted by Saw Fan on Apr 23, 2011
The 2 piggy faces with dr gordon are his wife and his daughter from saw 1
posted by Ry on Apr 13, 2011
Hoffman rules i do agree with hoffman escaping but the saw your talking about was broke when adam was cutting the chains so he slammed it a whole bunch breaking it and then throwing it in a fit but there is a very big possibility still that he can escape hes chained to the side that adam is speaking of which since when was the light switch at the front of the room in the 1st one the light switch was on dr.gordons side because adam told Dr.Gordon to turn off the lights.
posted by Hoffman on Apr 10, 2011
@SawFan4ever81 GOD, I hope so.
posted by Hoffman on Apr 10, 2011
I loved Hoffman. I hope he'll take the lead again. He's a pro.He should keep living ongoing movies. @James McDonald You're right.
posted by stephen on Apr 06, 2011
Saw 3d was one of the worst movies ever
posted by Bones Strahm on Apr 04, 2011
I think that Daniel was one of the people in a pig mask! : D
posted by Mody76 on Mar 31, 2011
Oh yes there gonna be saw 8 and more "Pink blood"! All previous saw movies the blood was red I don't know why became pink on saw 3d? Saw 1-5 all 10/10 Saw 6&7 7/10 I hope Saw 8 not "Pinky"
posted by saw on Mar 29, 2011
posted by murphanator on Mar 16, 2011
There shud defo be another saw at least, it cud be a possibility that all surviving jigsaw victims have all decided to follow jigsaws ideas and not just dr gorden, and the 2 mystery pig attackers at the end of saw 7 we've already seen in previous films. That wud make the 8th saw about the origins as to why they have all joined jigsaws cause and each of them carrying out jigsaws "masterplan" which involves all members carrying on his work so his idea never dies and the games will never be truely over
posted by Andi on Feb 25, 2011
So glad to hear there may be a SAW 8, I have had an idea for a game myself lol.
posted by bitch on Feb 24, 2011
deffo it will be 8 cos doctor still alive and hoffman back to bathroom mmmm let see what happened..starnge two or three pigs r help doctor mmmm
posted by Jigsaw on Feb 21, 2011
Saw 3d feels like a brand new Saw 3...theres more to the story still to be done..there should be at least 2 more sequels, they should take their time with the sequels tho, who cares if they dont come out on Halloween, take a year or two off...the fans want more Saw!!! Bring on the end of Hoffman and the rise Of Dr. Gordon!!! Jigsaw forever baby!!!
posted by Dr. Gordon on Feb 21, 2011
3d was just a stint..What movie has ever ended on 3d??? Lose the 3d, in the title, but bring on Saw 8 for the possible final Saw..if its more the 2 hrs, then just finish the film with Saw 9...As interesting as it sounds..I think Hoffman was a big significant part of the Saw series..So either have him start off Saw 8 or Bobby, as the first trap, and if anything make him survive it and escape the bathroom chamber, but then kill him off midway thru..that would then make Dr.Gordon, Jigsaws successor..Now without taking the spotlight from Jigsaw, how about bringing back Amanda, or Riggs, Or even Jigsaw (John)..making it that it wasnt Jigsaw that died, but in actuality had a face implanted on a dead corpse..??? He specifically picked Dr.Gordon for a reason...Theres a dvd cover where theres someone wearing Jigsaws detached face..Of if it is Gordon as the sucessor..then they should throw a quick story, a few dr gordon/jigsaw flashbacks, and find out what was in that box that Jill Tuck gave to that lawyer...Anyway they got plenty of ideas to keep this going..but they should seriously make a serious final ending..cause Saw 3d does feel like the last chapter, but it doesnt feel like the last Saw movie..Bring on a better director and a better lead character..
posted by dr_nemooooo on Feb 18, 2011
plz dont let saw 7 the last chapter i want know what well hoeeman do
posted by Risket on Feb 14, 2011
I love everything about the Saw movies. As much as I would LOVE to see an eight movie I think it would be wrong to have such an epic ending to Saw 7 just to pick it back up again. I also do not want to see Hoffman escape from the bathroom or Dr. Gordon back in a game. Dr. Gordon won his game and helped John continue his work and he was supposed to put an end to Hoffman.
posted by saw man on Feb 14, 2011
if there not gonna makee another saw atleast make saw 3D part 2 to finnaly conclude everything since there are not that many question answered
posted by Saw 8 on Feb 10, 2011
Winner, winner double
posted by tharubaba on Feb 03, 2011
The ending for saw 7 was mysterious like i said before. They should make another last one to end the SAW franchise. This can't go on forever you know that.All series must end like we do.
posted by sawfan on Feb 01, 2011
i really hope that a saw 8 will be made. the questions i want to have answered is what ever happended to dr gordons wife and daugter, where is jeff denlon's daughter from saw 3, who are dr gordons two pig masked accomplices at the end of saw 7-i think they could either be gordons wife and daugter or brad and ryan from the trap at the beginning of saw 7. i hope in saw 8 it shows how gordon has become a successor to jigsaw, hoffman getting out of the bathroom trap and show what will happen to bobby dagen. i love all the saws but i think they should end it by at least showing all the people that have not died throughout the series and find a way to finally end the series. cuz every good series has got to come to an end.
posted by darth_bonghit on Feb 01, 2011
bring on 8 more. Some serries has to put the helloweens, friday the 13th and Nightmare on elm streets in their place, saw has it. And its never a final chapter cause Jason lives on and Freddy's already dead
posted by tharubaba on Jan 31, 2011
There should be only upto 8 beacause if the films continue any longer no sense at all, worthless. Saw 8 will be a finale for all as we see what happens to Hoffman, Dr. Gordon and his 2 piggy faces. Please only 8 will be enough. Try to fit the franchise here
posted by lkmetal2007 on Jan 29, 2011
my opinion is until we witness hoffman dead, this is far from over... love all 7 films. bring more!
posted by AngelinaCunningham on Jan 29, 2011
i really love all the saw movies and i think that they have gotten better and better the first one to me was just a tease kind of short and wierd but as the series prgressed it got better and i believe that jigsaw never once killed anyone he left it up to them wether they lived or died and the rules were always simple and he gave them the tools needed to become free and survive but they all wasted so much time being paniced and screaming that by the time they reacted it was already to late free yourself first panic later.... but anyway i think they should continue and make another one or two lol there is still so much explaining to do i mean we didnt find out until this seventh one that gordon was apart of it i mean how and why did he join jigsaw and why did jill who was against it at first join and why hoffman and whoelse is a part of it because at the end of the movie you see three in a costume who were the other 2 really i want to know they have to have to have to make another one please saw writers dont end the saw series you have to many fans and we all want more i mean you should let the fans decided when to end it by votes let us make a vote to decided how many more should be done and even give ideas one some things we would like to see i mean you can always turn an idea down but come on we are the ones that keep the whole saw series alive by watching and buying all the movies and items so please please please keep it coming....i really liked this lastest one it was gruesome enough to where i actually thought i was feeling the pain like phantom pains lol and i almost wanted to puke a couple times its stuff like this that makes me want more and to say you guys are doing great keep it up and make it more and more gruesome and bloody and nasty and everything horrifying as you go along please dont stop!
posted by jake the snake on Jan 28, 2011
They have to continue the saw franchise tobin bell played as jigsaw signed on to 10 films when the 1st one came out so trust me its not over! I would like to know who the other 2 pig faced people were in the end of saw 7 with dr gordon and also what ever happed to bobby and the other 2 kids from the beggining so bring on at least 3 more films
posted by AShleytapr on Jan 28, 2011
Personally i don't think its over, i want to know who were the two people with Dr. Gordon when they got Hoffman, Plus we got to know what happened to Hoffman! Plus dosent show what happens to Bobby either I think their will be a saw 8 and more to come cause people are telling me they said there was going to be 12 of them!! Plus Hoffman is cute for a man of his age to just leave us hanging like that ! lol
posted by joey505 on Jan 27, 2011
i agree..saw must be continue
posted by yea on Jan 26, 2011
who were the other two people in the pig masks at the end with dr. gordon?
posted by IloveGORDON :D on Jan 25, 2011
Gordon pawned Hoffman once, is there any good reason for him not to pawn Hoffman a second time? Gordon is smart and waits until the time is right. Hoffman is smart but is more like a rabid killing machine that will take any chance to live -- even if he needs to chop his own head off :D
posted by T.I on Jan 22, 2011
This is getting ridiculous... 8 saws? Saw 1-3s were very good, 4 was fine.. But after that I just dont feel like there should be more.. If you compare like first Saw ever to 7th, you see it has gotten way too far.
posted by Lost_Vendetta on Jan 13, 2011
Saw 3D is supposed to be the final chapter... I love the whole Saw franchise, but lets face it, the last could have wrapped things up slightly better... Which is why I'm proposing... Saw VIII The Epilogue... We can only hope.
posted by Saw8Definitely on Jan 12, 2011
So here's my problem with all of the saw movies. Whenever jigsaw includes family members in things he's being hypocritical. he basically puts their lives in other peoples hands, my question is this- is there a way that people being used as pawns in other tests somehow tested, because if not then their lives are meaningless and they were not given a chance as jigsaw says he always gives a chance. i think thats a major plot hole. and also, there are many mysteries still to be left, i think there is no way that creating an 8th or 9th wouldnt be leaving on a high note because as long as their new plot makes sense and corresponds with things in other movies, answering those question, then there is really no problem. i dont wanna be wondering all the time still why some questions are unanswered
posted by N on Jan 07, 2011
People saw the new beginning what people have been saying is true but not definite saw 8 was amazing but wasnt good enough why didnt gordon take action wen jill was bein protection why didnt she tell him hope it will happen
posted by владимир032 on Jan 03, 2011
в пиле 3д ÑаÑкÑÑли не вÑе : напÑÐ¸Ð¼ÐµÑ Ð±Ñли Ð»Ð¾Ð»Ð¶Ð½Ñ Ð¿Ð¾ÐºÐ°Ð·Ð°ÑÑ ÑÑо же пила делал Ñ Ð¿Ð°Ð·Ð»Ð°Ð¼Ð¸,коÑоÑÑе он вÑÑезал Ñо ÑÐ²Ð¾Ð¼Ñ Ð¶ÐµÑÑвÑ. Ñак же когда ÐоÑдон ÑÑаÑил ХоÑмана кÑо бÑл ÑÑдом Ñ Ð½Ð¸Ð¼? Ð¼Ð¾Ð¶ÐµÑ Ð±ÑÑÑ ÑÑо его жена и позвÑаÑлевÑÐ°Ñ Ð´Ð¾ÑÑ? вообÑем пила 8 по лÑÐ±Ð¾Ð¼Ñ Ð±ÑдеÑ! но еÑли делаÑÑ Ð¿Ð¸Ð»Ñ Ñо Ñже поÑледнÑÑ!! и ÑилÑм Ð´Ð¾Ð»Ð¶Ð½Ñ Ð²Ñе завеÑÑиÑÑ Ð¸ на вÑÑокой ноÑе!!! поÑÐ¾Ð¼Ñ ÑÑо пила Ñже ÑÑановиÑÑÑÑ ÑовÑем дÑÑгой.
posted by ya\'ll on Jan 03, 2011
there wont be an 8th movie, because im sure hoffman locked the door this time.
posted by sawfanatic on Dec 28, 2010
i agree there should be a saw 8 just for the fans using their ideas because i for one have PLENTY of them and where else am I going to use them? Hoffman is smart and he is my favorite character so he should have a chance to live just as everyone else. I have not seen Saw 3d yet but I read about it online and I have so many ideas,it's not even logical to have that many ideas lying around being useless. Yes,there will always be those who think that it should have ended years ago after Jigsaw's death, but there where still unanswered questions, same as now. Honestly,I don't think it's very fair to kill off Jill Tuck without giving her a shot at being a mother. Yes,I love to see the reverse bear trap in motion to claim a victim finally, but I had plans for Jill involving a c-section trap. The legacy must not end!! If you agree with me and would like to help me raise 1,000-1,000,000 people to persuade the writers and directors to make a Saw 8 (and possibly a 9th) please don't waste any time and look me up on You Tube. My user name is SawLivesForever. I have just recently set up this account, so I don't have any videos yet, but feel free to leave ideas (traps, videos I could make,how to contact the writers, whatever). Please, if you really love saw, do this and tell your friends to do the same. Thank you.
posted by unearthno1 on Dec 27, 2010
everyone knew that it wouldn't end after this one especially the way the film finished, im a big fan on the films and think that the quality should keep on coming. saw 7 was good but not my fav though
posted by whatup on Dec 27, 2010
I really really really really want there to be a saw 8th!
posted by Saw 4 ever on Dec 24, 2010
Hoffman wont b left like that, he should stiil b n this
posted by Rich on Dec 23, 2010
You do know that the directors go on these sites and get ideas from you guys. Its funny they make money off of this. My opinion is that Detective Mark Hoffman should escape and try to figure out how to get back at Dr. Gordon. But my idea of escape for Hoffman is this: Remember the toilet lid that Adam killed Zep with? Well Hoffman could take that and smash not the chain, but the padlock. The mechanism inside a padlock is weak and it is surrounded by a thin layer of metal. Say he were to smash the padlock, He he could escap without injury. Sure the lights are turned off, but still, this is doable. And that is my pitch.
posted by blehblah on Dec 21, 2010
the saw franchise should have died years ago. the 1st one was the only real good one. the 2nd and 3rd were okay. It should have ended when jigsaw died. That's all there is to it. After the 3rd movie they sucked.
posted by frost on Dec 20, 2010
but didnt adam throw the saw across the room making it hit the mirror revealing it to be a two way mirror unless it bounced back its not next to adam now
posted by Saw lover!!! on Dec 15, 2010
i think SAW series should continue.i do agree with the above comments that most of the questions remained unanswered.... for the two most biggest Qs are that.. who wer the two other pig masked guys with Dr. Gordon and how did Dr. gordon agreed to help in carryn out jigsaws games.... Naturally, if saw 8 comes, then it shud continue with Dr. gordons life's flashback. And i dont think hoffman will be traped there cause he already manupulated the 'reverse bear', sure he is smart enough to find a way out to escape this one. the bones of adam near him may be handy for cuttin or breaking he feet( but i dont know the strength of rotten bones..). then it will be Dr gordon and Hoffman... who will play against who.... well.... saw's story had always been unpredictable and so it have been always my favourite.... so lets hope saw series goes on as far as possible.... gud luck saw...PLZ COME SOON..!!!!
posted by kramerhoffman on Dec 14, 2010
Its bogus how Hoffman career as a detective got screwed up by Jill simply snitching 2 the cops..the FBI couldnt get Hoffman.. i think Hoffman should escape from that basement and he should seek revenge on Dr. Gordon just like he did with Jill...and it should be Gordon ass back down in that basement with his other leg in the chain...
posted by L.Lawliet on Dec 14, 2010
I agree with kramerhoffman Dr Gordon's game isn't over.
posted by petz on Dec 13, 2010
Well in Saw VIII,Since DR.Gordon is my favorite character since he put Hoffman in the bathroom if he escapes free he would go after Dr.Gordon,they should make a Saw VIII,and Dr.Gordon aka Cary Elwes is the best :)
posted by xxooxoxo on Dec 11, 2010
i think all the saw's are AMAZING , im really hoping there's an eighth.
posted by Boby on Dec 10, 2010
detective hoffman is dead mother fucker
posted by wtf on Dec 08, 2010
are you kidding murkuro that is total bullshit
posted by shashidhar kashyap on Dec 04, 2010
pls pls do saw 8 movie and let the battle be won by detective hoffman
posted by mukuro on Nov 28, 2010
saw 8 should be franchised soon. it is still a mystery as to who the other accomplices are. plus, i hope that jill is still alive, for all we know dr. gordon could have made a double for jill in case she gets threatened. jigsaw entrusted gordon to portect jill tuck so i think it's stupid to think that gordon would let jill die, right?
posted by Saw Fan on Nov 27, 2010
Please let there be an 8th Saw film. I love the Saw movies so much. The end of the 3D movie was unbelieveable to me. Hoffman can't be left like that though. Saw 3D ended leaving it for an 8th film if they decide to make and 8th film, if they don't decide to make an 8th film then the ending of Saw 3D fits perfectly as the ending of the franchise.
posted by L.Lawliet on Nov 24, 2010
To George Adam is good at playing possum. He did it in saw 1 and he would have done it again if he wanted to.
posted by Hoffman Rules on Nov 21, 2010
BTW, I realize that between Saw 1 and Saw 7 there was 6 years in real time, but Cary really gained weight. In the scene where Jigsaw puts the foot brace on Dr. Gordon, Cary looks like he is in his 7th trimester. I think it will come out that Doctor Larry ate Adam, and his sawed off foot. Just kidding, love the series, and I'm all for Saw 8
posted by George on Nov 20, 2010
"Alwaysrightman" Adam Is Long Dead, This was Proven Way Back In Saw 3 When Amanda Suffocates Him. Besides, Rigg Didn't Die In The Bathroom.
posted by alwaysrightman on Nov 19, 2010
I had enough of Hoffman and think his story needs to finnally come to a end instead of Saw 3d coming to a end. In Saw 8 i think they should do something epic like have john and jill use supernatural powers against Hoffman if he tries to escape. Or maybe if adam is alive. Dr. gordon siad he would help him, that could be rigg there(rigg was also wearing a white shirst and black pants) and this is epic. Liek the other guy, adam and gordons game could jyst be strating. This would be epic. Another thing that always bothered me is that Amanda was told that her cellmate who had the key in his stomach was dead, but he wasn'T. why would jigsaw lie? Did Jigsaw set doctor gordon up to see if he was worthy of takeing the spot of an old accomplice. If so, who was this other accomplice?
posted by Saw Fan Biatch on Nov 17, 2010
Saw 8 will be about the final events with adam. May be the corpse in the back is Detective Sing or Swat Commander Rigg, or even Tapp.Bottom line: The game is not over yet. Dr. Gordon and Adam's test is just beggining. JIGSAW 4 EVAH.
posted by L.Lawliet on Nov 16, 2010
It's all a game. Dr. Gordon wouldn't leave Hoffman in the bathroom without a chance of leaving, that's what it is, a game and in games you need to make sacrifices. That is Jigsaw's motto
posted by meh on Nov 15, 2010
SAW 8 has to happen. So many unanswered questions. Will Hoffman survive? Just because he may not have a saw, doesnt mean he won't survive. Like what Eric Matthews did with the toilet lid. Also who were the other pig headed people with Gordon? And also, what ever happened to Bobby after his wife died? We see her get burned and see him freaking out about it and...that's the last we see him. And Guardian_Riku has a point. We need a corpse to verify someone dead. So with that being said, you think it's possible that Rigg is alive?
posted by Wooooooooooooooooo on Nov 15, 2010
Don't forget Eric son. He was in the safe. Did rigg get shot
posted by Sawfan87 on Nov 12, 2010
Not sure if this is true or not, but I've been looking like mad for new Saw info (I don't want this series to end anytime soon), and they said it was time for Hoffman's story to come to an end (they never said anything about Saw coming to an end)....and there is talk about a movie they are making called Saw: A New Beginning. Not sure how much of this is true of bull, I really hope there is a Saw 8 though.
posted by Saulo on Nov 11, 2010
I agree that Hoffman will leave the bathroom. But I do not agree that Dr Gordon dies, because otherwise it loses its grace. Because he was the accomplice more important since the first movie. But it will explain things. Type: even if it was Gordon who placed the device in a Kerry connection with Amanda, or Amanda asked a favor of another doctor. Also not explained what is meant by puzzle pieces taken from the victims.
posted by blahblah on Nov 08, 2010
Yeh it will be good to see one but if so why kill the main characters now hoffman would be a good main character to use in saw 8 like saw 6 and 7 for bobby dagens multiple traps but then what would dr gordons role be i say bring back detective tapp you didnt see him die so why not bring him back for another test do you fans agree with me
posted by Hoffman Rules on Nov 08, 2010
They did show Tapp's picture in the beginning of the 5th Saw as an officer who died in the Jigsaw case. Hoffman should escape, and put Gordon, and the rest of the survivors in a game. The conclusion should be Hoffman kills Gordon leaving now survivors and the 2 accomplices in Saw 7 show up shortly after to either off Hoffman (boo!) or be taken out by Hoffman. Either way, Gordon's game should include flashbacks explaining why he decided to help Jigsaw, maybe he went nuts after his wife and daughter left him, and we should learn the identity of the 2 pig accomplices. Looking forward to a lot of Tobin and Cary flashbacks. Shit to think about.
posted by jigsaw 69 on Nov 08, 2010
the way everyone is talking here everyone needs to die in order for saw to be over, saw 7 was quite bull in my opinion, what man would be happy after he had to cut off his foot
posted by Omfg on Nov 07, 2010
Yay! I am too happy for endless Saw movies.
posted by mrnater on Nov 07, 2010
There should be a Saw 8, for multiple reasons. They have to keep it going because we the fans need to know who the other two people were with Dr. Gordon, I think it may be the 2 guys from the start of the movie that were in the glass box and let their girlfriend die. If none other atleast have Gordon carry on with the games and call it Saw 8 new game or some shit
posted by SS on Nov 07, 2010
I agree that Hoffman will escape. All of these filmakers can be reading this page and getting ideas. Remember Friday the 13th part 4? it was also called "the final chapter" but, it spawned 8 more sequels. so i think: no worries. they would do anything to make money even if it meant raising jigsaw as a zombie. There will bean eighth one.
posted by Hoffman Rules on Nov 06, 2010
Hoffman will escape. Heres how: Go back to the first Saw. Adam finds the green bag and pulls out TWO saws. The first one is used by Doctor Gordon to saw his foot off. This is the saw he throws out of the room at the end of Saw 3D. The second was thrown down in a fit by Adam and remains by his dead body. Where did Doctor Gordon chain up Hoffman? Right by Adams decayed body. Leaving 1 saw in the room with Hoffman and well within his reach. I agree that Saw 3D was billed as the last, but Saw 8 should center around Hoffman escaping by cutting his foot off just like Gordon and the final battle for Jigsaws legacy should take place between Jigsaws two prized accomplices. Besides, I would like to know who Gordons accomplices were in abducting Hoffman at the end of Saw3D. We already know that 2 out of the three people imprisoned in that bathroom escaped from their shackles (Dr. Gordon by cutting his foot off and Eric Matthews by smashing his foot with the back of the toilet). A badass like Hoffman, who already escaped the mini-jaw ripper, would have not problem escaping. I would like feedback so feel free to comment.
posted by Kpagan5 on Nov 06, 2010
Saw 7 IMO was great. I didn't really like the fact that Jill died but in the next movies they could make it seem like that didn't happen like an alternative movie because who else would they film if not the most important people(Jill hoffman gordon etc.) if they kill off everyone they'll have to find new people and develop their characters which might take a while so hopefully Jill and Hoffman will be in the next one cuz their my favorite characters
posted by Guardian_riku on Nov 05, 2010
as the record shows for all saw movies, its not over unless we all see a dead body. we learned that lesson with dr. gordon who sawed off his own foot to escape so we should learn by now that until we see the person's corpse, its not over yet. saw made that record for it not being over yet until we see a corpse so why change it now? i am willing to believe a Saw 8 is coming because the original plan was not for it to end on 7 [Saw 3D]. we will just have to wait and see if the actress' words come to pass.
posted by Game Over on Nov 04, 2010
I hated saw 7. I love the entire series there my favorite. But the seventh was a load of crap. Cary Elws (Dr. Gordon) Wasn't in any saw movies since the first one because he sued lions gate for more money. They twisted it to act like he was involved since the second movie. Also, Hoffman can get out the exact same way Eric Matthews did in Saw 4. Did anyone else notice that the saw was within reach of hoffman but Gordan grabbed it and tossed it. The saw wasn't there when Eric Matthews was there. I think it was a lame attempt at humor. The movie sucked, everyone died except Deegan which you never even care about cuz everyone is wrapped up in the story with Jill and Hoffman.
posted by Pik on Nov 04, 2010
They better make 8! I wanna see the games continue!
posted by princess on Nov 04, 2010
Hoffman isn't dead not yet. . . .. eric Matthews got out of the trap by breaking his foot Hoffman could do the same. . . . . . . Roll on saw 8
posted by jigsaw 69 on Nov 03, 2010
they ended the damn movies its all over hoffman doesn't have the saw to get out, he is dead everyone is dead besides gordon and degean but i dont think they will make a damn movie on them
posted by SawFan4ever81 on Nov 02, 2010
Yes let there please be more Saw movies keep going to 10. And save the most shocking twists and traps for number 10. As several resurrections improbable but not impossible occur. Watch the terror on Hoffman's face in Saw 10 as he sees Jigsaw alive and well with Jill and Amanda at his side along with Dr. Gordon to deliver the final game over in the series.
posted by Abdi on Nov 02, 2010
posted by daboss on Nov 01, 2010
booyah. keep em comin
posted by James McDonald on Oct 31, 2010
Please don't let SAW VII 3D be the last film. You can't leave Hoffman like that. You must make a SAW 8.
posted by MMMMMM on Oct 30, 2010
Loser, loser double loser as if whatever get the picture duh!

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