Miley Cyrus' Songs From 'Hannah Montana Forever' Flood the Web

July 09, 2010 09:32:53 GMT

Following the arrival of 'Ordinary Girl', all theme songs from the Miley Cyrus-starring TV series now can be found everywhere on the web.

Miley Cyrus' Songs From 'Hannah Montana Forever' Flood the Web
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Days shy of its season 4 premiere, it looks like that the entire soundtracks from "Hannah Montana" upcoming season have made their way out. The leaked songs include the ones which have Miley Cyrus teaming up with Iyaz, Sheryl Crow and Emily Osment.

Retitled "Hannah Montana Forever", the Disney Channel series will kick off the fourth and final season this coming Sunday, July 11 with "Sweet Home Hannah Montana". This episode will follow the Stewarts as they move onto a new ranch home.

When the fourth season ends, "Hannah Montana" will not be renewed for another season because lead actress Miley Cyrus wants to move on from the child show. The teen singer wants to show off her more mature side and marks it with the release of "Can't Be Tamed". During the promotion of the album, she often delivers raunchy acts.

A possible tracklisting for "Hannah Montana Forever" album:

  1. "Are You Ready"
  2. "Kiss It Goodbye"
  3. "Que Sera"
  4. "Need a Little Love" feat. Sheryl Crow
  5. "Barefoot Cinderella"
  6. "Ordinary Girl"
  7. "Been Here All Along"
  8. "This Boy, That Girl" feat. Iyaz
  9. "I'm Still Good"
  10. "I'll Always Remember You"
  11. "Wherever I Go" feat. Emily Osment


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posted by Sarah on Oct 17, 2013
To bad she decided to ruin her life by 'twerking'
posted by sami shaheen on Dec 07, 2012
You are the best miley you are present for all united state i like your all song bye miley my name is sami shaheen in lebanon
posted by christina on Aug 25, 2012
posted by Братуха on Sep 15, 2011
ÐаÑа Хана-ÑÑпоÑÑна полнÑй ÐТСТÐÐ!!!ÐÐ¾Ñ Ð¡ÑÑомÑй ÑÑо кÑÑÑÑк!!!
posted by getoveryourself on May 30, 2011
OMG!!!you r so pathetic to put this on real news of the country flooding you want the attention to focus on you YOUR ALL HAS BEENS at the ripe age ####### in dog years your all over the hill LMAO
posted by german fan on Mar 14, 2011
hmm its over.. miley is say to hannah montana goodbye..=(.. you was one of the best tv stars on disney channel supper rtl etc.. I really hope you will sometime find back to hannah montana and make a Season 5.. thank you for everything.. :*
posted by miley rock on Mar 13, 2011
i luv your songs all the songs in hannah montana forever iluv u miley n hannah luv miley rock xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
posted by purva on Mar 11, 2011
hey miley u don't no that i am just so so so big fan of yours
posted by amal fretes on Mar 09, 2011
du bist cool
posted by AMANDA on Mar 07, 2011
hi miley whats up how is your shows going on i'm just a huge fan of yours . if you have TIME PLEASE send me a request glad to see u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by lili on Feb 28, 2011
te amo
posted by ash on Feb 26, 2011
i love u miley
posted by neo on Feb 11, 2011
hannah i am your biggest friends say that you are bad but i am not on your side love neo
posted by lola on Feb 03, 2011
I love you
posted by breean <3 on Jan 29, 2011
hey hannah im like u alot i wuld like to lick u uo and down all day luv u
posted by Laaaaaame! on Jan 27, 2011
You are so lame! I mean like you sound like justin bieber screaming becuase he saw a clown! you gotta be kidding me, you need better new songs, not baby songs like best of both worlds and nobodys perfect, and whereever i go! But i sorta (20%) am a fan!
posted by miley on Jan 27, 2011
Hi am name is Jasmine. I am big fun and like your songs
posted by rock star on Jan 25, 2011
hannah i am your biggest #1 fan in the whole world.and nobody wants you to quit being hannah. you are americas best singer ever! every body knows who you are ,so please do not quit being hannah!just because you are getting to old for it does not mean you have to quit!
posted by magen nicole on Jan 24, 2011
hannah momtana im like your biggest fan. my dream is to be just like you but its not working so well
posted by Tay. on Jan 17, 2011
Helloo , Im taylor and i think your reaal cool . and think we needa hanqq outt . im ur BIGGEST FAN ! : ) haha
posted by katie on Jan 14, 2011
i think your the coolest and best person in the world...(biggest fan ever)
posted by Hippera on Jan 13, 2011
hi Hannah i am your greatest fan in the whole world........o Hannah do not grow mature
posted by HANNAH MONTANA FOREV on Jan 04, 2011
posted by SUPER GIRL. on Dec 29, 2010
HIII DEAR, I want to meet you, I m ur biggest fan from India. Plz make my dream come true.. I love you alot, you are the BEST. You rock. always my cell is full of your songs I love to listen you every morning... You make my day.
posted by sec Hannah montana on Dec 11, 2010
i love myself
posted by whitney on Dec 06, 2010
hay hannah u rock i love ur songs and movies. My favorite song is the climb and ordinary girl the song ordinary girl sounds just like me. anyway gtg ttyl
posted by unknown on Dec 05, 2010
plz don't stopdoing the show i abslutleylove it and i've got ur posters all over my wall.plz do a show in australia plz because i live in the pilbara in western australia
posted by samantha on Dec 01, 2010
miley i want to by like you so if we can by friend we can text i now how sing and dance
posted by rubel ahmed on Dec 01, 2010
i like you hannah montana you so pretty
posted by samantha on Dec 01, 2010
miley you are good girl and you no how to sing i want to by like you
posted by Chenyka on Nov 27, 2010
I do not like being the BEST Giril ever .
posted by nour on Nov 25, 2010
hi miley,i am your biggest biggest biggest fan.i wish i could see you.i live in saudi arabia.please please please can you visit me.
posted by aa on Nov 24, 2010
hi my name is karla can you sent me your phone number plz plz and can you ask miley if she can send me travises number plz thanxs
posted by nour on Nov 24, 2010
hannah,your songs are faboules and your clothes are are a perfect actress.i love you.
posted by SUNE on Nov 23, 2010
posted by anushka sharma on Nov 23, 2010
i love you
posted by ANKITA on Nov 18, 2010
posted by bobbie-lee on Nov 18, 2010
hello :) miley cyrus
posted by marmaz on Nov 17, 2010
hi mailey i<3u
posted by JESSIE on Nov 15, 2010
Hannah montana rocks for life
posted by olivia ward on Nov 12, 2010
i <3 u
posted by Roxie on Nov 12, 2010
Hi ^.^ I really love your show and your songs, its sad you stopped doing the programme :( my favourite song from you is i'll always remember you. i hope one day you do start doing another show because you're a really great actress. ^.^ btw, dont be all that 'sexy' rubbish, it'll ruin you :(
posted by allison on Nov 11, 2010
I wish you can come to my brthday it is the 14
posted by chloe :PPPPP on Nov 11, 2010
Anyone tell me what new songs were brung out on hannah montana forever? (anyone)???!!! PLEASE??!!
posted by Nikki lohrer on Nov 07, 2010
Hi im you'r bigness fan i so loved songs you tot me revem
posted by sarah brown on Nov 07, 2010
hi hannah i really love your show i wish i could meet u love sarah brown
posted by annoymus on Nov 07, 2010
hannah my coz loves u and i love the song gonna get this
posted by d.b on Nov 06, 2010
hi miley cyrus i lison to your songs all the time and woould you be mine frend yes or no.
posted by cutie on Nov 04, 2010
i have
posted by cutie on Nov 04, 2010
hi cutie have you ever had sex before yes or no
posted by aa on Nov 04, 2010
can you be my friend true hannah is sexy
posted by miley on Nov 04, 2010
hi miley
posted by karla taylor on Nov 04, 2010
hi hannah my name is karla and i think you are the best in the world and i want to come visit you one day but i cant because im in care but i want to come and stay with you and my cares names are neil & judy and they have grandkids there names are hannah is 8 tony 12 khiesynis 3 and they are mean even hannah she is sometimes the worset and i have 2 brothers 1s name is jordan he is 5 and andrew he is 17 and im 13 years old i have a mum named carolyn and i miss my mum so much i want run away from my cares now so can you reply back plz plz plz im said im going to cry and by the way my name is karla taylor
posted by Simone on Oct 29, 2010
I can't believe your parents are in for divorce :( Anyway I love your music. If I was a cridic I would rate every song 100,000,000,000,000 out of 10 I Live in the Blue Mountains, Australia
posted by Simone on Oct 29, 2010
Hannah Montana is grawsum!!! I have all you music on my Ipod even Hannah Montanah Forever it's great. I'm live in the blue mountains, Australia
posted by Coconut on Oct 28, 2010
Hi who here likes Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus
posted by pinkie on Oct 28, 2010
i love the song i can't be tamed by miley cyrus and she is a grate rowmodel
posted by VSS on Oct 27, 2010
I love you and i come from TN just like you and yeah ive grown and you helped me pick my way i wanna be famous but i dont know ow and if i did i dout my parents would let me
posted by catty262 on Oct 20, 2010
oh shut up ur just jealuos!
posted by btr luvr on Oct 18, 2010
o.m.g this girl tht boy and ordinary girl r the best songs ever i luv them they r gonna be playing at my 13th birthday party
posted by massie on Oct 11, 2010
hey miley your my favorite celebrity
posted by amber on Oct 05, 2010
you sexy
posted by amber on Oct 05, 2010
i love you song with iasz
posted by amber on Oct 05, 2010
i love this boy and this girl call me 478440
posted by amiee michell is a p on Oct 04, 2010
miley you are amazing, i grew up with hanna!
posted by amiee michell is a p on Oct 04, 2010
miley you are amazing, i grew up with hanna!
posted by bobbie-lee on Oct 01, 2010
hello miley cyrus see you like loooks
posted by Zoee♥ on Sep 29, 2010
Haay Miley ive believed in you a lot but some of the things uve done has been stupied but most of them are apparently not true.. im a counrty girl from melb and in Qld now and you've showed me that not matter what happens to yourself you can just start over again. you've taught me to a lot more in my singing dance and commitment to sport as well. thankyouu and loveyou too xoxo
posted by Akanksha on Sep 28, 2010
i m your biggest fan i heard your all songs n i love it
posted by hi on Sep 27, 2010
miley u rock, and i love love l9ve all your songs it would be sooooooo cooooooool if you could do a show as hannh montana in australia for us that wouldbe the coooolest thing in the world. i am your 31 biggest biggest biggest fan
posted by vergi on Sep 25, 2010
Miley you're doing a great job and i like you just the way you are.I love your songs and hanna's songs.
posted by hania on Sep 24, 2010
hi hannah you are a good singer
posted by admirator secret on Sep 17, 2010
i love you
posted by acer on Sep 05, 2010
hi hannah i am your #1 fan
posted by Anonimo on Aug 30, 2010
Miley eres una tontaa!! has dejado que hannah se vayaa!! esto nunca te lo perdonaré
posted by bobbie-lee on Aug 17, 2010
hello miley cyrus see you bobbie-lee go to we
posted by balck pink on Aug 02, 2010
uaua que pg tan xulaa
posted by dlooo3huae on Aug 02, 2010
miley you are great and love cant be tamed and all your albums
posted by Huma from india on Jul 30, 2010
Miley your cant be tamed is rock. Please give new album with jonas brother or nick jonas.
posted by Asma on Jul 30, 2010
Miley you rock i think u will break all records of shakira
posted by axel321 on Jul 30, 2010
miley cyrus is cool
posted by bobbie-lee on Jul 29, 2010
hello miley cyrus see you
posted by peggy on Jul 29, 2010
hannah montana i will miss you as hannah on tv you are my pal and fan peggy
posted by dockery on Jul 26, 2010
hey hannah montana
posted by Qwerty on Jul 26, 2010
The album could be better, but considering it's Hannah music, it's pretty good. Miley's music has always been a lot better than the Hannah stuff, Hannah is always quite immature.
posted by Tiff on Jul 24, 2010
Goodbye Hannah Forever we will miss You so Much :( I wanna CRY :( I can't life without Hannah Disney NOT beautiful without You:( I love You Hannah Montana & I love The new look you're a big girl now so miley we supportin' U 4eva <3 - UR FAN
posted by am am on Jul 23, 2010
I love her hair can't wait for the new season.
posted by felicite on Jul 21, 2010
tu et belle hannah Montana
posted by MILEY ROCKS on Jul 20, 2010
posted by miley rocks!! on Jul 20, 2010
okay AA none of tht stuff u sed is true about miley cyrus soo if u dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all!!! and noone asked u for ur defintion of mature!!!!! MILEY I LOVE UR SHOW AND IM ALWAYS BEHIND U AND DONT LET MEAN PPL GET TO UR HEAD!! BYEE:)
posted by Summer on Jul 13, 2010
You rock so much I'm your biggest fan I went to your concert almost got a backstage pass
posted by hunniepie1230 on Jul 12, 2010
wow mileyy, just wow. i cant believe you want to grow up and mature so fast. being an adult isnt as much funn as u think it will be. trust me...i wish i was 16 again. not 46. good luck with the rest ur life mileyy. u might not have scrwwed it all up yet.
posted by ASHLEY on Jul 11, 2010
miley yuiomftxnu emily yuiomvrq
posted by cutie on Jul 11, 2010
u r really fab miley
posted by Leelee on Jul 11, 2010
I love you i want you to go to the savannah beach wedsday or tuesday and my birthday is on the 23 and please delevery to 510 west 33 street
posted by Leelee on Jul 11, 2010
I love you i want you to go to the savannah beach wedsday or tuesday and my birthday is on the 23
posted by vrr on Jul 11, 2010
luv her wigs
posted by aa on Jul 10, 2010
not making dumb mistakes are mature miley. you have so much to learn. im still a fan. cant wait for the new season!
posted by aa on Jul 09, 2010
i dont think trying to be sexy is mature its less mature. bieing an inspiration, growing up. being a lady is mature. miley cyrus think sexy is mature she is such a wannabesluttywhoregrownupgirl. becoming a better you is mature. duh

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