Video Premiere: Kylie Minogue's 'All the Lovers'

June 01, 2010 01:54:03 GMT

The so-called 'All the Lovers' are passionately caressing and kissing one another outside Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art in this music video.

Video Premiere: Kylie Minogue's 'All the Lovers'
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"All the Lovers" music video from Kylie Minogue has arrived in full. It sees people stripping down to their undies and making out on the street. They then gather and form a mound of human with the Aussie singer lying on top.

"All the Lovers" is the lead single of Kylie's new album "Aphrodite" which is due July 5. The music video is directed by Joseph Kahn and was filmed outside Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art in early May.

"The single was one of the last tracks to be written for the album," Kylie said about the track. "As I was recording it I knew that 'All the Lovers' had to be the first single; it sums up the euphoria of the album perfectly. It gives me goose-bumps, so I'm really excited to hear what everyone thinks of it."

Kylie Minogue's "All the Lovers" music video


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posted by jardin on Aug 20, 2010
this video is a complete ripoff of the French singer Mylene Farmer 'Degeneration' that was released years ago.
posted by Brian Walther, DK on Jul 29, 2010
Hello Bobby. You can be Bobbys Girl. My kind of girl/woman is KYLIE and All The Lovers, Looking For And Angel and APHRODITE a.s.o. Good summer to all right here!Especially KYLIE!
posted by Nick Ritzau, DK. on Jul 19, 2010
Sweet Kylie! "Congrat" with your fifth no. 1 Album in UK. Its ecstatic, and its not only "All The Lovers". Take care old aunt Kylie and give your nephew, Ethan, a big gift. See you in Copenhagen next year.
posted by David Johnston on Jul 11, 2010
Dear Kylie! "All The Lovers" is the best Kylie-video since "I Believe in You"(2004)Nordic Music Award. A real, smash hit in the hot summertime. It´s only the talented X-factor girl, Diana Vickers, with her two first records, there could follow you...but only follow you. Forget Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyonce. You are the Queen of Europe (UK) and Aussie! Nice to see you back, after the dull X-album - with the only hits "Like A Drug" and "2Hearts"....
posted by Family Rawson, CPH.D on Jul 11, 2010
4 persons from the danish Capitol, father (48), mother (46)- biggest son (25)and youngest(23)adore you Kylie since 1988 and 1990."All The Lovers" is a smash hit - we still like a lots of your bare skin and your voice. Hope to see you again in Forum, CPH., next year. Good luck - as usual - Kylie!
posted by Peter Paulson on Jul 11, 2010
There are too much lesbian and gay-music here, but Kylie: Once you told the people/the writers, that you can´t live without them. In this summer only great DIANA VICKERS is much better and more talented! Forget Ugly Lady Gaga, Tattoo-Rihanna and "oldy" Madonna.
posted by kumar mr.k on Jul 01, 2010
Brilliant. Well done Kylie. The first time I heard it and saw the video, I was hooked on it. U r fabulous. Don't stop ur magic music.
posted by Conny H. Hansen, DK on Jun 28, 2010
I like the brandnew video "ATL" from L.A. Hope the album/CD is better than Light Years, "Rythm Of Love" and "the-X-tour". I still remember the concert "Fever" (2002) beginning with "The Sound of Music" and "Pop Music".
posted by George Watson on Jun 28, 2010
A real fab video "ATL" and the new Aphrodite". Don´t ever stop the music, Miss Ann Minogue. Not before 62! Okay?
posted by Bodil & Hanne, Kaj & on Jun 28, 2010
We like "All The Lovers" and the new LP/CD. The next year will be A Wonderful time Up Here...
posted by Eric Hansen on Jun 28, 2010
I hope, the Album got plenty more of hitsongs from everybody than for Lesbian and Gay-people. I like all the people, but not all your record....Okay?
posted by Darren McOwen. CPH. on Jun 28, 2010
Best hits since "Spinning Around", "Can´t Get You Out Of My Head" and especially "I Believe in You" - and you know, back from the 1990 "Better The Devil You Know". Just A Smile!
posted by Bernt van Bülow, Bel on Jun 28, 2010
I´m So Excited - you are much better than both Kesha, Lili Allen and Kim Wilde. I like "All The Lovers".FAB video from L.A.
posted by Ida & Jannick, Aussi on Jun 28, 2010
This is the best song since "I Believe in You" and "Somewhere over the Rainbow. Go on, Kylie.
posted by Claus H. Heintze, DK on Jun 28, 2010
I Love being in love with you and my wife! Go on!
posted by Diana Dawson on Jun 28, 2010
How about that, Kylie - sweet dreams
posted by Jean-Claude Gustavss on Jun 28, 2010
F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. Best Kylie-pop record since "I Believe in You".Amazin video.
posted by Danny & Dannielle, D on Jun 28, 2010
Much better than the-X-album and Body Language. A Perfect start with "All The Lovers"..Nice video!
posted by Delfonics Mac on Jun 28, 2010
It´s much better than the-X-album for Gay-and Lesbian
posted by Rubber-cop,DK on Jun 27, 2010
Well Done, Kylie....Take care....
posted by Brian Schulze. CPH., on Jun 26, 2010
Hey Kylie Ann. Nice to see you again with studio-album nr. 11 an already with a smash record in "All The Lovers". Good luck to you and Aphrodite. Remember, this year it is 13 years since Madonna got her last big hit "Evita" - so you are right now the Oueen of Pop in UK, Aussie, Europe. And you sang "Blue" in the big Bollywood-film two years ago. Hope to see you again in Copenhagen or Aalborg/Skanderborg next summer. Kylie - the making of Pop Goddess!
posted by Jackson Brown and Fr on Jun 26, 2010
The last concert X-Tour was a really bad tour. We hope, that better people is behind you this time than in 2008. The concert have only three hits: 2Hearts, Like A Drug and I´m(The One). No more Rain wasn´t a hit, but it was la-la-and ok. The rest with Mr. Jean Paul Gaultier, the GAY himself, dark, slowly, Gay and Lesbian. The Clothes were boring, and we couldn´t seen your legs. Next time we are hoping, that your have a lot of smash hits, beautiful clothes, 20 cm high heels in wonderful sandals. We all knew, that you Kylie, have the most pretty legs in this Pop World since Marilyn Monroe - no, your legs and feet are more prettier with different colours,, white a.s.o. So Go ahead, Kylie. We wanna see You as we like it in "The Fever" or "Showgirl" e.c.t.
posted by Denise Andersen, DK on Jun 25, 2010
A Taste Of Kylie - one more time...Lucky, Lucky, Lucky...and much, much more this time. To all her lovers a.s.o. Dear Kylie: It gives me goose-bumps too! (12 times).
posted by Fam. Anderton on Jun 25, 2010
Every Single Hit Since 1952 (Guinness) and again this summer Kylie is the Big Dollar-Queen with the smash summerhit: "All The Lovers". A Dangerous Addiction...
posted by Keld Chr., DK. on Jun 25, 2010
Kylie goes to L.A.Hollywood with all the lovers - and everybody loves it!
posted by Gordon & Liza Phelps on Jun 25, 2010
You are right. Kylie is the best pop-diva-queen since 1988...
posted by Yda Yellow on Jun 25, 2010
Best video of the year - best CD and....Of Course...Best female pop-dive-queen aka Kylie.
posted by Charlie Hansson. CPH on Jun 25, 2010
News Story: Super-Kylie do it again with "All Her Lovers" - Return to Glory!
posted by Sony Charles on Jun 25, 2010
All the Power to Kylie and her smash pophit summer song "All The Lovers". AMAZINGGGG...
posted by Jan Hansen. Denmark on Jun 25, 2010
Kylie is ALWAYS Kylie. Prof - super - elegant - popsinger - power - sweetness and clever. Milestone before Katy Perry,Rihanna, Lili Allen and Madonna!
posted by Rob & Cheryl Sorense on Jun 25, 2010
Kylie is back on the Top of the Pop. Especially ATL - a Hot summersong with bare skin a.s.o. We love it constandly. And in July we knew the whole Aphrodite. Lots of fun with Sweet-Kylie!
posted by KevinB on Jun 25, 2010
Personally, I think it's great. I would love to see a dancefloor remix with a tougher baseline. But a great video for a great song.
posted by Marianne & Jacob, DK on Jun 23, 2010
Kylie is back on the top of the Pop with her big hit "All The Lovers". Then we have the Album "Aphrodite. It´s a very strong Kylie-summer!
posted by Danny & Kay on Jun 23, 2010
"All The Lovers" is the Top of the Pop right now ahead all those football songs. Why: Kylie can sing....
posted by Jason Reid. London on Jun 23, 2010
"All The Lovers" with Kylie is so cute and the sound is so FAB. The best ever Kylie-song since "I Believe in You" and "Can´t Get You Out Of My Head"!
posted by Pete Kristoffersen, on Jun 23, 2010
Forget all about Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, Jonas Brother, Katy Perry and Pink. We had "good" old Kylie Minogue,42, "All The Lovers and the new album "Aphrodite". The best and strongest LP for the last four years.
posted by Tjaldur Mikkelsen on Jun 23, 2010
Kylie is back at the top again with the beautiful "All The Lovers". It´s a smash, top hit!
posted by Peter & Pia, DK on Jun 22, 2010
Sweet Kylie = ATL = fantastic smash hit!
posted by Hans-Henrik Hansen, on Jun 22, 2010
I adore this video. "All the Lovers" is F-A-B. It´s in the heavy-league with "Better the Devil You Know, "Spinning Around. Slow" and "I Believe in You" a.s.o. Take care....
posted by Angelique on Jun 22, 2010
The best video and the best song since "I Believe in You" - bravo miss Aussie.
posted by Claes & Liza, CPH., on Jun 22, 2010
Kylie is so fantastic. ATL is a smash hitsingle, and Kylie is better than ever. It´s a brilliant, clever video, awsome - we really love this video and song. Hope to see you again, Kylie, in Forum,Copenhagen next year. Thanks "Aphrodite".
posted by Bob Kimble-Brown on Jun 22, 2010
Of course the new Kylie-video is very hot. I am old, ugly, but not so ugly, and I like "All The Lovers". She is so sexy. First time I saw Kylie was in TOTP in 1988 with "ISBSL" - and Kylie is, believe it or not, more beautiful today and much more sexy.....
posted by Sanne & James on Jun 22, 2010
Kylie is still-going-strong, and "All The Lovers" is one of the most sexiest from the Aussie since "I Believe in You"....
posted by Yanina, Norway on Jun 22, 2010
Kylie is woman of the Year - and "All The Lovers" is the best record since "I Believe in You". Not Bad!
posted by Ian Dunkley on Jun 22, 2010
Kylie is pop´s hottest style icon, and "All the Lovers" is the best swinging of good, "old" Kylie Ann Minogue. And she had still a very strong voice!I´m happy to looking after "Aphrodite" next month.
posted by Bernard on Jun 13, 2010
Smash, hot summerhit in the heavy league with (BTDYK, 90),(CGYOOMH, 01) and (IBIY, 04).It´s brilliant video. You are much better than Katy Perry, Beyonche and Cheryl Cole - together. Still a very strong voice.
posted by essh on Jun 08, 2010
The best song, the best video and the best album of the year 2010!! Kylie, we adore you!
posted by Amy on Jun 07, 2010
One of the best music videos of all time, and probably Klyie's best one:)
posted by cg20 on Jun 02, 2010
This is one hot video. Those that don't think so are probably old, ugly or both (krugerman) The song's okay too.
posted by llcool jay on Jun 01, 2010
Hey, Sexiest video music ever!!!
posted by Louis on Jun 01, 2010
HOT! something that only a few people can pull off. The video is awesome, sexy yet not cheap
posted by dee on Jun 01, 2010
Love the video and the song.. very sexy! I personally think she knows how to entertain even she doesn't have a really good voice.
posted by Bobby on Jun 01, 2010
What a load of rubbish!!! This song RUBBISH, the video is rubbish and she is total rubbish. When are people gonna realise she just cant sing or dance. If this had been done by any other artist it would be slatted!
posted by Chrissy Boy on Jun 01, 2010
This is total rubbish... weak song, rubbish video, she should just stop now!!!
posted by Jonny on Jun 01, 2010
It´s brilliant!!
posted by krugerman on Jun 01, 2010
Sorry Kylie, but whoever designed this clip is a total wanker and you should have stopped it and gone in a different direction. Lots of bare skin and sexual innuendo just does not cut it anymore. The song is weak too.
posted by chriz on May 31, 2010
its amaazins, awsome, i really love love love this video :) its my fav ;)

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