Beyonce Knowles Debuts New Version of 'Halo' Music Video

Beyonce Knowles Debuts New Version of 'Halo' Music Video

This newly-revealed music video sees the 'Sasha Fierce' singer finding her love interest already dead in the woods.

An alternate version of Beyonce Knowles' "Halo" music video has made its way out. The R&B singer is driving her car on a dark, empty street, while her on-screen lover is being chased by a bunch of men through the woods. When she parks her car on the side of the road and walked into the forest, she finds him lying lifeless.

The music video is directed by Philip Andelman and includes scenes from the previously-released video. Beyonce's love interest is portrayed by actor Michael Ealy, the same man who plays her lover in the old version of the clip.

Taken from Beyonce's 2008 studio album "I Am...Sasha Fierce", "Halo" is co-written by Ryan Tedder. The song coincidentally sounds similar to another Ryan-penned track, Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone", but the frontman of OneRepublic denied speculation he gave two similar tunes to the female singers.

Beyonce Knowles herself won't rush the follow-up to "Sasha Fierce". Earlier last year, she revealed her plan to take time off for a while before returning to studio and crafting something really fresh and new for her fourth solo album. As of late, she was reported to have started working on the new album.

Beyonce Knowles' "Halo" music video




    May 25, 2010

    Go away Beyonce. No matter how talented you are, You really need to face the fact that greatness is not pushed down people's face. When will she know that a lady always shows a little bit less of herself then people expect. Who doesn't know her next move ... shame the media etc has lowered their standards and not censored her enough when she gets nasty and plays the good girl.

    May 21, 2010

    This woman loves attention and the limelight, and the more she "throws" herself at people, the more they will get tired of her. What she doesn't seem to realize is, she'll only get as big as people allow her to get. She claims she's going to be as big as Michael Jackson, well Michael Jackson didn't "throw" himself out there like she does. She won't take time off, and let people marinate on what she's done, which in my opinion is nothing but copy other artist past and present and shimmy and gyrate like a pole dancer. This goes to show her insecurity as an artist and the lack of real talent she possesses, and the more she jumps into any and everything someone who is willing to slowly work their way into different aspects of the industry thereby, letting people gradually take them in, she jumps at everything and nobody notices the Grammys, she thought it was all going to be about her collecting 6 that night, well Pink showed her up and the media was all about Pink. Even when she did Dreamgirls, she thought that she was going to be the major star, Jennifer Hudson, who had never acted before, showed her up, while Beyonce has jumped into several movies, got no notoriety at all. She needs to just go have some babies and call it a day.

    May 21, 2010

    hey benyce watz up

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