Chris Brown Defends Performance at Boxing Match, Slamming Haters

Chris Brown

The singer who performed 'The Star-Spangled Banner' at the Saturday boxing match tweets, 'if there is no forgiveness, there is no change... im humbled by everything.'

Following his live performance at World Championship Boxing Match, Chris Brown received harsh criticism from people who claimed he promoted violent game during his probation after assaulting his ex-grilfriend Rihanna. In response to that matter, the R&B performer took it to his Twitter to share his insight.

"thx for all the support from my fans...," he began his post. "Im human. how many of u r perfect???????? if there is no forgiveness, there is no change... im humbled by everything..." In another message, he stated that despite all the backlashes against him, he won't give up. He wrote, "if i wasnt somewhat sane and loved my fans and music so damn much i would give up.. but thats not why i was put on this earth... youll see!"

Chris Brown ended his post with a pray, "lord, let me find the strength to get out of my own way so that ur work can be done."




    May 25, 2010

    @HopeandFaith: Get over it, we obviously have.

    May 09, 2010


    May 05, 2010

    Made a mistake?!! A mistake is dropping a plate on the floor. Not beating a woman to a pulp! you clearly have never been a victim of domestic abuse.

    May 05, 2010

    Chris: I feel the need to emphasize a point. While I admire your talent and style of music when done on original material, I feel that the "National Anthem" should be performed as written without all the additional vocalization that you and a vast majority of popular vocal stars seem to take for granted the right to personalize this, the symbol of our nation. Please do not take this as a dis but more a thought of what it means to be an American.

    May 04, 2010

    Chris keep on doing you music, dancing and acting. You are a great talent. You have many fans who believe in you. Yes you made a major mistake, which you have been trying to correct for the longest. Some people may want you to fail but if you keep strong and keep moving forward and DO NOT let the few people who do not know how to forgive a person who is remorseful and trying their hardest to be a better person get to you. They don't have your talent and are probably bitter, unhappy people anyway. Be strong and keep going, there are a lot of people behind you. As for Rihanna, she seems to have moved on and has been a very busy person with quite a few different men so it doesn't seem she is hurting anywhere right now. PEOPLE GET OVER IT THE PARTIES INVOLVED HAVE AND DOING WHAT THEY NEED TO DO TO BETTER THESELVES. Can't wait to see you and hear your music more often everyone I know bought at least 2 copies of you last CD just to support you regardless of what some stores tried to do to you. BE STRONG. Don't let people make you angry by their stupid remarks, just keep smiling and doing your thing jealous people can't stand that. When you show angre theyget happy so just smile at them.

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