Justin Bieber Premieres 'Eenie Meenie' Video Feat. Sean Kingston

April 29, 2010 08:33:34 GMT

The Ray Kay-directed music video which features Jasmine Villegas has finally made its way out, seeing the 16-year-old singing sensation romancing her once again.

Justin Bieber Premieres 'Eenie Meenie' Video Feat. Sean Kingston
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Justin Bieber's joint track with Sean Kingston has got an official music video coming out. It features young artist Jasmine Villegas, the same girl who appears as the Canadian pop star's love interest in his "Baby" clip.

"Eenie Meenie" is taken from Justin's new studio album "My World 2.0" which has been in U.S. stores since March 23. Additionally, the track will also appear in Sean's upcoming third studio album which is yet to be titled.

After previously singing in Australia, Justin Bieber performed in New Zealand on April 28 for "My World 2.0" promotional effort. "Just did Select Live on C4 in New Zealand... tasted some candy I've never had before. Not bad. Glad I could go to the door and say hi to the fans that have been waiting outside," he wrote on Twitter before praising his fans for not causing a riot. "You are all so supportive around the world. Thank you. New Zealand = great success."

Justin Bieber's "Eenie Meenie" music video


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posted by mollie fairclough 13 on Oct 13, 2010
justin i like you i love you but i have to addmit that your kind of gay but my friend really likes you her name is robyn barker she is 14 and wants to go out with you you said that you wanted a girl in the uk so you got one robyn please look for her on facebook and ask her out. oh yes baby baby babyy go out with her youll always be mine, mine. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by beyonce knowels on Oct 13, 2010
hey justin how are u still workin on a new song.still goin to star awards this year answer back love your one and only, beyonce knowels.
posted by beatriz on Sep 29, 2010
i love jusntin se voce so fla engues apenda a falar portugues
posted by beatriz on Sep 29, 2010
falem portugues nao entendo nada
posted by dgjsrp on Sep 22, 2010
jb is gay
posted by ANNISA on Sep 08, 2010
posted by angelica drew bieber on Aug 23, 2010
i love you justin bieber...... i like you... i hope to meet you...... i very like you song...and you style justin <3<3<3<3<3love for you...
posted by kayla niddery on Aug 16, 2010
justin im like your biggest fan ever I wish I could meet you one day. Where r u preforming next. Maybe i'll come to ur concert i haven't been to one of ur concerts yet but i want to soooooooo bad. I love u soooooooo much. xoxoxoxoxox comment back
posted by fifi on Aug 12, 2010
<3 u so much...muah xx
posted by juleha on Aug 11, 2010
justin akhyu nge fans bangetsz karo koe
posted by nanda bieber forever on Aug 09, 2010
i like justin bieber i lke he is so fit and handsome... and cuet..... i luv this song,n justin bieber
posted by amanda on Aug 01, 2010
you rock dood do you have a girlfriend.
posted by anna grace callahan on Jul 30, 2010
hay justin i do not know if you read this but is you do i am not trying to sond crazy like all those other girls but i love your music i thoght that i was your bigest fan but all those other girls r biger so my sister audrey i have 2 of them and i had no idea you egsested but then she showed my one of your video's and it was baby and i loved it so then she sowed me more and more and more and new one so i love then and seeing you on stag singing make's me inspierd to be a rock star like you cause it looked fun and pepple have told me that i have a grate voice like you and so i gave it a chance and then for crismas i got a gatar and my mom is going to hire a gatar teacher i have not had a lesen yet so still dont know but i am going to be a rock star like you oh and srrey it took so long to read thing thing buy you know so good jod keep it cool love me P.S.ty for inspiering me to be a rock star is you have the time to right back plz do it love anna grace callahan
posted by cassidy on Jul 28, 2010
Justin I love you and your songs
posted by ***Ms J.Bieber*** on Jul 19, 2010
Justin is so sexy he should of became famous for that *I ily JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
posted by ??? on Jul 17, 2010
omg im did notnotice before but i am totally i LOVE with justin bieber
posted by shannay on Jul 16, 2010
jb is so fit xx
posted by justin bieber on Jul 01, 2010
cool x
posted by Katieee :) on Jul 01, 2010
how do we no its the reall yooh :) ily ?:D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by shannay on Jul 01, 2010
Justin i love you baybey (L) wen u cme to the ricoh im gettin front seats love you ur well fittt n gorgusss
posted by katiee on Jul 01, 2010
ahhhh:D iloveyoho beibeeer :) IS IT TRUE YOUR CO0MING TO COV NEXTYEAR
posted by shannay on Jun 29, 2010
ring u lata :-)xx
posted by Justin Bieber on Jun 29, 2010
posted by shannay on Jun 29, 2010
watz ur numba just
posted by Justin Bieber on Jun 29, 2010
Hey girls don't get to wild ;) love you all x
posted by shannay on Jun 29, 2010
who mine
posted by sophie wilson on Jun 29, 2010
i want to sleep in ur bed!!!
posted by shannay on Jun 29, 2010
Sophie duh that ent how u spell stalk duh
posted by Sophie Wilson on Jun 29, 2010
Justin i am obsessed with you i love you so much and i will stork you where ever you go! love you
posted by barbie, shannay,mega on Jun 29, 2010
In school thinking about you 4 ever justin 1 day shannay(me) and you will be togetha 4 eva xxx
posted by katiee & megan on Jun 29, 2010
Marry us justin u hunk
posted by Supa Girl x on Jun 29, 2010
I love You Justin you are an amazing singer hopefully someday i'll be able to meet you in person x you are the best lookin guy i have ever seen! Love you x
posted by Barbieee & shannay on Jun 29, 2010
we love you justin ur gorguss txt bak pwz ur the fittest boy we've ever seen in our entire life
posted by Barbiee x on Jun 29, 2010
I Love Justin Bieber he is the best
posted by shannnay on Jun 29, 2010
ur so fit justin mwah i could kiss u rite now xx ur gorgus x
posted by ?????? on Jun 29, 2010
posted by stahh madddd on Jun 17, 2010
oh my god i so lovvveuuu i love all your songs your so amazing i could just snoggg u baby u hotxxxxxx
posted by sexy biiiithchx on Jun 17, 2010
oh my god i love your songs i want your album so bad you are so fit and sexy you are amazing at singing one day i could kisss you now ahh xxxxxxxx
posted by kathryn carey on Jun 17, 2010
oh my god he is so fit and gorgeous i could just kisss him right now baby love u justin bieber xxxxxxxx
posted by mz bieber bitches on Jun 16, 2010
i luv justin bieber i hope we meet some day
posted by shit on Jun 15, 2010
dum shit guy
posted by mickey27 on Jun 10, 2010
Who ever doesnt like justin is weird
posted by mickey on Jun 10, 2010
posted by siua on Jun 10, 2010
what marry are you stupid
posted by ipek on Jun 09, 2010
posted by ipek on Jun 09, 2010
just&#305;n gerçekten müthi&#351; biri
posted by zack fallon on Jun 07, 2010
posted by msz.bieber fever on Apr 30, 2010 i love justin bieber he is amazin n i love his music and we have so amny things in common like for an example our favorite color is purple and we like to sing and dance! he is so cute i will so marry hym one day add me on facebook
posted by I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BI on Jun 07, 2010
Justin hello you is really the best singer the world annually. I really hate to go to New York I hope that I can see you. I just listen to your song 1000000000 times and I never tans. You're really beautiful I love you Justin Bieber xoxo you are my idol. All your songs sound good but my favorite is Eenie meenie. goodbye and good day xoxo.
posted by sexychick on Jun 01, 2010
omfg justin bieber is such a girrll!!! seriously I would want his voice but not a guy! he looks gay :S
posted by woww on May 20, 2010
wow u guys just like justin bieber cuz he is hot and not his singing went his voice gets ddeeper he is nto going to beable to sing as well
posted by TRUEbieberBELIVER on May 20, 2010
i saw the video on youtube and it turned out gr8!I can't wait 2 see somebody to love!Love u justin!!big fan of u 2 sean!:)
posted by Alana on May 14, 2010
justin bieber is soo sexy and i love all of his music!! i love you justin
posted by marissa1919 on May 13, 2010
omg i love the song love justin good work :)
posted by Emma on May 12, 2010
posted by Melanie on May 12, 2010
posted by Theresa on May 12, 2010
The video is amzing and the song is great!
posted by Alexia on May 11, 2010
I love teh videos jb has the most awesome parts they match his voce perfect
posted by Kia on May 11, 2010
Omg I Love Justin Bieber!! I love the song eenie meenie, and baby, and favorite girl and one less lonely girl and one time and etc!! I love u Jb!!! From ur biggest Fan---EVER!!!! <33333 youuuuu ---- Kia
posted by country on May 09, 2010
i lllllllooooooooovvvvvvvveeee! that song eennie meenie cant get it out of my head i can't get you jb out of my headeither!luv you boy!
posted by I love u on May 05, 2010
posted by ???? on May 04, 2010
OMG i love justin bieber he is so cute!!!!!
posted by emma1 on May 03, 2010
he is so cute and hes gorgeous!!!! emma and vanessa love him so much
posted by emma on May 03, 2010
justin bieber is so cute!!!!!
posted by fave on May 03, 2010
i like your music
posted by ABFIDM7V on May 02, 2010
lol he is a prepubescent
posted by sexy on Apr 30, 2010
i luv this song,n justin bieber
posted by msz.bieber fever on Apr 30, 2010
i love justin bieber he is amazin n i love his music and we have so amny things in common like for an example our favorite color is purple and we like to sing and dance! he is so cute i will so marry hym one day
posted by Rogirl55 on Apr 29, 2010
jb is so fine

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