First Look at Kate Winslet as Mildred Pierce

April 19, 2010 07:32:40 GMT

Everything goes vintage on the set of the miniseries about a middle-class mother of two who struggles in supporting her family during Great Depression.

Kate Winslet
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The first look of Kate Winslet as Mildred Pierce is seen through several on-set photos which were taken on the first day filming in New York City. Winslet joined the rest of the cast to portray people living in 1940s when the Great Depression shook the world.

Winslet's Pierce is a middle-class housewife who divorces her husband and raises their children alone. She attempts to maintain her and her family's social position during the Great Depression and is forced to take a job as a tawdry waitress. During the filming, Winslet was dressed in a floral tea dress with brown coat.

"Mildred Pierce" will be a five-hour miniseries picked up by HBO. Evan Rachel Wood stars as Winslet's eldest child, Veda, while Brian F. O'Byrne takes the role of Pierce's unemployed ex-husband Bert. Todd Haynes directed this project which is adapted from the novel by James M. Cain.

In 1945, the novel was made into a movie starring Joan Crawford. It subsequently earned 6 Academy Awards nominations and gave Crawford victory as Best Actress.


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posted by mom\'s kid on Aug 05, 2010
I too am a daughter to Mildred Pierce who won a contest in Indianapolis, Indiana for having the same name and looking like Joan Crawford a zillion years ago. this brought back an awesome memory!
posted by Mildred Pierce\'s da on Aug 05, 2010
My mom's was Mildred Pierce and she won a contest when the original movie came out. She looked most like Crawford and she also had the name so She got to meet the cast and go to a dinner they gave. I still have the picture advertisement. I am glad they are bringing it back. I will watch it.
posted by Uhhh... on Jun 10, 2010
the Great Depression "shook the world" in the '30s. Not the '40s. Stock market crashed in 1929, people.
posted by Heather on May 25, 2010
i hope they do this right. i love the original with joan crawford. kate winslet has some huge shoes to fill.i think evan rachel wood will be a good veda.
posted by Princess on May 07, 2010
I really like these sort of movies which will go back in 1930`s and 40`s.Sometimes i wished that i lived in that time.Yesterday i just saw two movies on that type of style which are Cracks and changeling.Love that sort of look,the hair,makeup and clothes altough i`m only 26years
posted by Ronnielea on May 03, 2010
This is a bit surprising. If hollywood today would do more of these remakes, then I'm sure to look onto it more often!

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