Miley Cyrus' Next Album Has Lady GaGa Influence

Miley Cyrus

Saying that the forthcoming album will have more techno sounds, Miley promises it is going to be a good summer CD.

Miley Cyrus has a new album coming out this summer and she has dished on what to expect from the upcoming release. The Disney songstress' new record is going to be poppier and have Lady GaGa influence on it, according to MTV.

"I'm excited about that. I'm looking forward to that, and then hopefully I can continue to do more films. [The album is] a little different," she said. "It's kind of poppier, but then it still has an edge. All of my music kind of has to. I think it's really fun. It's definitely a good summer CD. It's good to blast in your car."

"My new record has more of a techno vibe on some stuff. It's fun," the Veronica "Ronnie" Miller of "The Last Song" continued. "You know, I just want to kind of do all different types of music, same as I do with movies. I never want to get stuck in a rut and just do one thing."

After releasing the new album, Miley Cyrus plans to take temporary hiatus from music in order to focus on her acting career. She previously explained on "The View", "That's going to be the last thing I do in music for a while. I just want to do films 'cause I like being someone else."



    Oct 16, 2010

    i used to like u hannah fucktana but you can kis my but now i hait you and laydy gaga

    Apr 12, 2010

    I agree with Joanna. Miley's busy criticizing EVERYONE as being unoriginal but she's being a copycat as well. Leave the Techno to Gaga and do what you can do,Miley!

    Apr 09, 2010

    i love both them but miley, stick to your own originality. i can understand that she wants to get more hits like gaga does but do it in your own way

    Apr 06, 2010

    I understand that everyone has idols and people that they look up to, but don't jump on anyone's bandwagon and try to be like them. Lady Gaga's music is strictly made for Lady Gaga...NO ONE else's voice can compare to hers, and yeah, I understand that Miley likes her and all, but don't try to do something that some else does just because it was big. If you are truly a good artist, you can manage your voice well with any type of genre...and my opinion...Miley is not a good enough singer, which is why I'm glad that this might be her last album. Stick to acting, sweetie.

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