Rapper T-Pain to Release Christian Pop Album

April 02, 2010 09:16:39 GMT

Self-proclaiming a sensitive guy, the rapper said he goes to church often and will exclude Auto-Tune from his new album.

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T-Pain has peeled off a bit about his next studio album, saying that it will take a very different direction. The rapper announced in an interview with MySpace Music that his fifth studio album which will be released after "RevolveR" will be a Christian pop album.

"A lot of people don't know this about me," he said, "but I am a deeply spiritual person. Dude, I go to church just as much as I go to the strip club. That's saying something." The album is tentatively titled "Even Heaven Got a VIP" and will be released on September 9 under his Jive/Nappy Boy umbrella.

So different that the rapper is also going to ditch his signature Auto-Tune. "Once that guy from 'Saturday Night Live' started using it. I called on God. I was like, 'Lord, you have to help me, who is this dude!?'," he said referring to his viral hit "I'm on a Boat" with Andy Samberg.

He added, "I know this album might surprise people, but I am a sensitive guy. I don't sit just around and watch 'Scarface' and drink Henny all day. In fact, I just got through watching 'The Notebook'. You ever seen that movie? That shit is beautiful."


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posted by Barack Obama on Aug 12, 2010
April fools!
posted by Hope on Jul 14, 2010
This makes Christianity sound like a joke...I am sure T has good intentions but this album should not be promoted under a Christian label unless there is a serious lifestyle change. Watching "The Notebook" isn't enough.
posted by jhang on Jul 14, 2010
This guy doesnt know what it means to be a Christian.

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